Please help us!! My husband is African-Egyptian- American, we have two beautiful healthy children together and live in Davidson county, Nashville TN. We were driving through middletown Connecticut while I was pregnant with my 3rd child after visiting family in New Jersey when I felt some pain in my back so we decided to stop at a nearby hospital (middles ex). Once inside they started making all of these accusations against us saying that because we are a mixed race couple, that we "look like criminals." They started accusing my husband of being a "muslim terrorist" and me of being a "drug addict." None of it is true! My tox screens were all negative and my husband and I are both Christian!! They held us against our will at the hospital and forced me to have a c-section that was not medically necessary and that I did not consent for against my will. They tortured us, refused to allow our family in the hospital to see us, refused to allow us to see our child or let me breastfeed her and refused to allow me to have my diabetes and blood pressure medicines until after it made me very very sick! They had the DCF come and take our baby from us and lied about everything in their reports saying that we did not care about our baby and had to be FORCED to go see her in the nursery and that I had a bag of pills with me (just to make me look like some kind of drug addict!) None of it is true! We have recordings of them verbally abusing us at the hospital and holding us against our will! They made up tons of lies about us in their reports and then they keep telling us that we have to prove them wrong! One of the lies they put in their reports was that we "were gypsies living out of our car" so we gave them the lease to the home we were renting in Nashville, tn. Then they contacted our landlord and had them tell us we had to be out by the end of the month! Then we had to spend thousands of dollars we didn't have moving our family into another home. We have given them all of our information and records and all they do is lie to us (and we have multiple recordings of it!) They are refusing to give us our daughter back, have her placed with our family members or have our case transferred to our home state (uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act) They are extremely corrupt and are severely abusing and misusing their power for their own personal gain and profit. Our daughter nearly died in their care after we begged them not to let the foster family send her to daycare at only 6 weeks old and she caught RSV and had to be hospitalized, but they did it anyway because they said that's what was "most convenient for the foster family." She is still very sick until this day because they refuse to remove her from daycare! PLEASE HELP US! THEY ARE KILLING OUR BABY!!! I HAVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE TO HAVE A BABY GIRL and we love her dearly! We are very good parents to our 2 little boys in Tennessee whom we love very much! My husband and I are both educated with masters degrees and have been to medical school in the Caribbean. These Connecticut DCF are so corrupt that they have already set a court date to terminate our parental rights to our baby girl even though we haven't yet had our "trial" yet and been found guilty!! Everyone in connecticut, even our own attorney, has told us there is simply no way we can win against the DCF in CT and that we should just accept it, because the judges don't care what really happened, only how the DCF reported it with their lies. We have spent all of our savings on lawyer fees and though making nearly 30 trips so far from Tennessee to Connecticut to see our poor infant child. The lawyer we have is a real jerk and hasn't done anything beneficial for our case. He has told us we have no chance of winning and is now extorting us for another $10000 for an all day trial (we don't even know what we are on trial for!!) He refuses to tell us anything about our case to even talk to us or email us until we give him the $10000. The DCF have told us that once they get their judgement against us in Connecticut, they are going to send a referral down to the DCS in TN and have them take our 2 little boys based on their CT judgement and if we try to run or hide our children, they will find us. They told us that if we try to leave the country, they will use an agency called "International social services usa" to hunt us down and take our other children from us!!!
    Even though they are refusing to give us our daughter back, the CT DCF do not have Jurisdiction over our child because of the Uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act. Connecticut and 48 other states have agreed to abide by this law that dictates the jurisdiction of children depending on the state they and their parents live in. It dictates that if the court becomes "aware" that the parent and child are not residents of a state, then the case should be transferred to the appropriate state. We need a lawyer from our home state (Nashville, tn) to file a motion on our behalf to have our case transferred here. Please let us know if you or anyone you know might be willing to take on our case and help us! We would give all that we own for her safe return!!


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