Free Nosey, The Abused And Suffering Elephant! Send Her To A Sanctuary!

Nosey the elephant has arthritis, and it is agonizing. But for captive elephants, arthritis can also be a death sentence. Nosey's Owner, Hugo Liebel, is forcing Nosey to give rides at The Liebel Family Circus even though she appears to be hobbled by pain.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has failed to take Nosey off the road and away from the circus, even after reviewing footage and hearing from an elephant veterinarian who concluded that Nosey is undoubtedly suffering from arthritis and "is unnecessarily suffering, permanently disabled, crippled, and is knowingly being maimed."

Nosey is a 33-year-old female African elephant. She was captured as a one-year-old baby after her mother and herd were attacked and killed. She has been performing since she arrived in th U.S., and has been with The Liebel Family Circus based out of Florida for 28 years. Liebel has been cited over 200 times by the U.S.D.A. and has received 33 direct violations from the AWA ( Animal Welfare Act). Yet, he is allowed to continue abusing Nosey.

All her life, Nosey has been used for human entertainment and personal financial gain. She is all by herself without any other elephant companionship. She wears extremely tight ankle chains, is often without water, and is underweight. She suffers from a horrible infected skin condition and has a terrible foot condition. She lives in a small damaged and leaking trailer that is used to pull her around the country. This goes beyond abuse. 

Please join us in demanding that the USDA confiscate Nosey from The Liebel Family Circus. We have laws in place to protect animals, and those laws need to be enforced.

IT IS PAST TIME FOR THIS ELEPHANT TO BE RELEASED TO A SANCTUARY. THE ELEPHANT SANCTUARY IN TENNESSEE HAS A NEW HOME PREPARED FOR NOSEY.  There, she would have the opportunity to roam acres of natural habitat, play in a pond, forage for fresh vegetation, befriend other elephants, and enjoy a full, healthy, and enriched life.

Please sign and share this petition to demand Nosey be released immediately!

Thank you Very much.

Additional Urgent Action Needed!  

Please Sign and verify your signature on  Nosey's White House Petition!

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