Banning a loving, family pet is WRONG because of the breed!

Pitbulls, Bullys, American Staffordshires, etc., are loving, loyal, great family pets. Banning their breed because of hear say and all the media, is ridiculous! Anyone in Worthington,IN that has a loving pitbull as a pet has to give them up or they will be fined $50 a day! Imagine the families who have them as pets, and they are going to be euthanized or spend the rest of their lives in a shelter. I have a pit mix and a full blooded pitbull, and anyone can walk in my house and they would be greeted with nothing but affection! I would be DEVASTATED if I had to give them up. They are my kids! They are not dangerous! If these people did their research, they would find out that pits were known as "nanny dogs" years ago because of their love and devotion for children.
If that still doesnt convince you: search American Temperament Test Society for Dogs , shared by the Huffington Post and see that PITBULLS are #2! They passed with an 86.4%! These people need to get their head out of their ass and own a pitbull themselves!
Please sign this petition to see if we can help these pets keep their families, and the families keep their pets!

I am writing to express my deepest sorrow regarding the pit bull ban in your town. I live in proximity to Worthington, and am affected by this ban not only emotionally, but bordering on geographically. I have a soft spot for ALL animals but especially for the too often misunderstood pit bull. I have a two-year-old pit bull mix that I rescued from the Humane Shelter when he was four months old, and a full-blooded nine-month-old pit bull. These dogs quickly loved their way into the hearts of my husband and me, as well as winning admiration from all of our family members and friends. My husband and I do not have children of our own, and our dogs mean the world to us. In addition, they display gentle and loving characteristics to our friends’ children even though they had no initial exposure to kids. I can only hope you have a dog of your own and can understand the love between man and dog. The thought of having these sweet, affectionate companions taken from us is too much to bear!

A study reported by the Los Angeles Times, “Pit Bulls – Family Pets and Fierce Fighters” begins with these words: “They are unfailingly loyal. Gentle and uncommonly patient with children. And less likely than a Pekingese to attack a human unless provoked. Trained and cared for properly, the American Staffordshire Terrier, commonly known as the pit bull, can be a perfect family pet and home security system rolled into one, but it’s a different story when a pit bull – unwittingly or with devious, sadistic intentions – is raised outside what owners of the breed refer to as the “perfect human environment”.*

Granted, there are generalized statistics and newspaper articles about pit bulls being #1 on the “most dangerous breeds” lists, but the information available to me in preparation of this letter to you is readily available to everyone. All of the pit bull owners I know are well-informed, intelligent members of society who responsibly and deliberately choose the breed, whether it be through acquisition, rescue or purchase, and they care for them with all the love and awareness it takes to produce loving, well-mannered pets and family members.

The argument against owning pit bulls is as ludicrous as the argument against the right to bear arms. Absolutely, if crimes are committed and if society is victimized (whether by dog or gun or an affinity for abduction!), criminals should make restitution and be punished accordingly. But banning every single pit bull, aggressive and passive alike, is absolutely unreasonable and worthy of reconsideration.

Enclosed with this letter is a petition that I started for the people of Worthington who had to give up their loving family pets because of the recently passed ordinance. My friends and I beg you to reconsider your ban.

Thank you for your time.


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