Marshal Law for Wahington D.C.

  • by: Alex Zaleski
  • target: Capitol Hill...Republicans and Democrats

It's your future, your child(s) future. It could mean retiring, or working until you die. Every politician does the wine and dine show when running for office. Then, upon being elected, takes a oath to have nothing to do with America. The Fiscal Debt is what's holding this country behind. You want that to continue? Do you want North Korea and Iran to have a more successful space exploration program than the USA? You want to keep hearing how much money we borrow from China or India?  Wake-up. Taxes go up every year regardless of your salary or whether you get a pay raise.  Politicians don't care. And what do they do with your dollars? They give it to countries that have no love for America. They invest into research projects for lobsters and how cow-farting affects the ozone. 

My tactical operation is simple. Place every politician under Marshal Law. They cannot leave Washington DC. They can not go on vacation. They cannot visit other countries. THis includes President Obama.
They must stay in Washington DC until they resolve a way to reduce the national debt by fifty percent. Fifty percent. Not so hard. America has doubled the national debt over the last four years. We can reduce it by half in eight years. Obama always states he is reducing the national debt, but it has doubled since he has been President. It's time Americans stop saying "The hell with this country." and start saying, "I care about this country." Sign-it. Let politicians know that they are NOT doing the job they stated was a priority to control. Take back America, Americans.      

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