Urge Walmart to Stock Cruelty Free Products

  • by: Hindy Pearson, Animal Awareness 101
  • target: Bill Simon, President and CEO, Walmart U.S. Duncan Mac Naughton, Executive VP, Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, Walmart U.S.

Each year, as many as 100 million animals are subjected to cruel, painful, and unnecessary experiments.

Many companies produce cosmetics, toiletries, and household cleaning products without that need, but they are mainly found online, in health food stores, or overpriced specialty shops.

Why should humanely produced items be considered specialty items, with a price tag to match?

They should be as easy to find, as those produced through the torture of innocent sentient beings.

I created this petition in an effort to urge Walmart to stock more of those products.

With 57% of women purchasing skincare at Walmart or Target in a six month period, this is a real opportunity to reach millions of consumers with our message.

However, simply putting these products on shelves is not enough. I want to take it a step further with highly visible signage, and information leaflets promoting cruelty free.

We know how effective petitions can be. Please share this as often as you can, and help us succeed.

For all those suffering, every minute of every day, hidden in labs, crying in pain.

For the animals!


Dear Sir,

This petition respectfully requests that Walmart stores stock a wide variety of cruelty free cosmetics, toiletries, and household cleaning products.

Every year, laboratories in the United States experiment on around 25 million animals. That figure skyrockets to over 100 million, when factoring in genetically engineered mice and rats.

Did you know that 90-95% of those animals have no legal protection, governing the care they receive?

Were you aware that The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act does not require the use of animals to test cosmetic safety?

In spite of these horrifying statistics, and growing scientific evidence that animal testing belongs in the dark ages, is unnecessary and yields inaccurate results, most companies still persist in this barbaric practice.

Walmart has an incredible opportunity to take a stand against vivisection, and believe me, animal welfare advocates will support, and promote your actions. You can’t buy that kind of publicity.

There are cruelty free products available, but mostly online, or in health food stores, and high end, overpriced market shops.

My wish is to see these products readily available to all.

In addition to stocking these products, I would also like to see clear signage stating the products are cruelty free. It is a great opportunity to educate consumers about how their products are made.  

With the share of the retail market you enjoy, you are in a unique position to help us put an end to the testing of products on animals.

Thank you for your time.



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