Denmark: Ban All Fur Farming and Trapping Permanently!

Due to a strain of coronavirus being discovered in mink, Denmark - a country who were once the world's biggest producer of mink fur - decided to "cull" (massacre, genocide, brutally kill) its entire mink population. Tragically, 17 million animals were killed - probably, often gassed to death - due to humanity's cruelty, selfishness and stupidity.
COVID-19 is, of course, quite likely all the humans' fault. It wasn't the mink's fault that some people sold pangolins and bats as "food", nor is it the fault of the pangolins or the bats. The risk posed to humans by the mink on the fur farms is also all the humans' fault. The mink did not choose to be there. They were bred by humans, farmed and kept in cruel cages, to be killed by lethal injection, neck-breaking, beating, poisoning or gassing for their fur. The whole business of fur farming and fur trapping is often extremely cruel and very messed up. 100 million animals are killed each year are tragically killed for their fur and skins to be worn by humans, sometimes selfish and unethical rich people who don't care about them and selfishly defend their reasons for wearing the skins of poor animals who didn't want to die just for that.
Denmark has banned the breeding of mink until the start of 2022. Much of the Western world has stopped wearing and buying real fur due to the issue of the brutal animal cruelty and killing of animals for their fur.
We cannot risk more humans dying unnecessarily due to COVID-19, or any future illnesses or viruses that could come from fur farming due to the closeness of the fur-bearing animals being farmed and handled by humans. We cannot let the tragic deaths of those 17 million mink be in vain. We absolutely should not allow the needless farming and slaughter of any more innocent animals on fur farms in Denmark, or anywhere else! It's time for Denmark to ban all fur farming and trapping permanently!

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