• by: Marianne DiIorio
  • recipient: Texas Department of Criminal Justice AND Donna Kazmierczak, Warden of Mountainview Prison in Gatesville, TX.

Help us obtain phones and phone privileges for Darlie Lynn Routier, and ALL PEOPLE on Death Row! Darlie Routier has been on Death Row in Texas for almost 23 years!
Darlie is fighting for herself and the others on Death Row, for the basic human right of the use of phones to communicate with family, friends and legal council.
Death Row should be allowed the same benefit of making collect calls, as inmates in general population. It is even more urgent for Death Row inmates to have communication with their family, friends and legal council, due to the fact that they are under a death sentence and could be executed at any given time.

The ability to have phone communication would be extremely healthy and encouraging to the inmate's family and friends, as well as the inmates themselves.

Death Row has a Dayroom and the phones can be installed there, just as they are in general population.

All calls are recorded and can be monitored at all times. This insures ALL security concerns.

All calls are collect and preapproved by TDCJ (Texas Department Criminal Justice), so there are no secruity issues or worries that calls could be made to anyone other than who is on the inmate's preapproved list.
Death Row should be allowed the same benefit of making collect calls as inmates in general population, because Death Row is not a punitive status, such as cell block segregation. Segregation inmates are housed in those certain areas , due to bad behavior and repetitive case history. This is why THEY are not able to use the phones. Death Row is simply not able to make phone calls, currently, due to the "label" of a death sentence.
Death Row inmates on the female unit, are allowed to CHOOSE to work or not. ( Darlie Routier works and keeps herself as busy as possible. ) It is NOT mandatory. If a female chooses not to work, she is then place in the Death Row segregation area.

There are no valid reasons not to allow Death Row inmates access to phone services. The same are given to all general population inmates throughout the TDCJ system.

We are asking you to PLEASE give serious thought and consideration to signing this petition so that Death Row inmates can have basic phone access to family, friends and legal council.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to read this petition. May God bless you and your families this Holiday season, and always."

Information for this petition was provided to me by Darlie Lynn Routier.

This petition will be both emailed and send to :
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Information Technology Division
Offender Telephone System Contract Manager
P.O. Box 4016
Huntsville, TX 77342-4016

Update #45 years ago
Happy New Year...a little early, to all the supporters of this petition, and of Darlie Lynn Routier!
Thank you SO much for your signatures! I would greatly appreciate it, if you would share this with friends and family that you know support the rights of Death Row Inmates. I would love to reach 1,000 signatures by Jan. 4th (which is Darlie Lynn's birthday!) Then I will send it off! Thanks so much for caring!
Update #35 years ago
Thank you so much, to Dani Owen, whose suggestion to clarify that this petition was not only to help Darlie Routier, but to help ALL INMATES on Death Row, as very much appreciated! Please read again and share with all who can help!
We need many more signatures before the petition closes on January 4th. It is the busiest time of the year, but for Death Row inmates, it must be the saddest. Please help by signing and sharing. It only takes a minute, but will have a very positive impact!
Update #25 years ago
Good morning! I now it is a very busy time of year and only 5 days until Christmas. But, wouldn't it be wonderful for Darlie Routier to be able to at least, speak with her family and friends? That is not a possibility right now and it's very would YOU feel? Please encourage your friends and family to sign this petition, by sharing it with them. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! THANK YOU to those supporters who have already signed!
Update #15 years ago
Good morning! I wanted to update you and thank you so very much, for your support of Darlie Routier, this cause and this petition! In less than 24 hours, we have 200 people who have signed!!
Please share this petition with your family and friends and ask them to sign too. It will sure mean so much to Darlie, to see how many, believe in her! We all want to see her come home very soon!!
With all my heart...thank you!!!
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