Protect Defenseless Animals From Abusers.

  • by: Eric Rardin
  • recipient: Juan Carlos Campo Moreno, Spanish Minister of Justice

What kind of human being ties a dog to a car and drags it for miles?!

Add your name if you want to make sure wicked abusers like this can never harm an animal ever again!

A man named Carlos flouted Spain's COVID-19 lockdown with his family, and they killed their poor family dog along the way.

"Animal Rescue Centre founder Yolanda Reyes Hernandez said he had been arrested after she reported him to police in a social media post where she uploaded photos of the dog lying dead on the ground," reported The Express.

The story is disgusting, and heartbreaking.

"This man named Carlos, along with his wife and son, decided to break quarantine and come to their second home in El Molar.

"As they didn't have anything else to do, because staying indoors like the rest of the population must be boring, they had the great idea of taking their dog out and returning with it tied to the tow bar.

"For several miles this dog that you see in the photo was forced to run behind their car before it stumbled, fell and was dragged along dead after being strangled.

"Some neighbours saw it, stopped the car, took the keys out of the ignition and called me.

"The police did the rest. We've obviously lodged a formal complaint for animal mistreatment resulting in death," said Reyes Hernandez.

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that they are like a member of the family.

What kind of human being could tie a sweet, loving dog to the back of a car and start driving?!

Imagine how much that poor dog must have suffered.

All it wanted was to be inside the car with the people it loved.

It tried to keep up, but no living thing can match the endurance of cold steel. It fell, and never got up again.

The helpless dog was choked to death.

Because of cruel Carlos and his moronic family.

People like them cannot be trusted with animals.

That's why we're asking Juan Carlos Campo Moreno, the Spanish Minister of Justice, to take note of this horrific case and take action within his government to ensure that convicted animal abusers are not allowed to own animals ever again.

It doesn't matter what country you live in. Your signature can still make a difference.

Can you imagine being dragged to your death behind a car filled with people you thought loved you?

Add your name to help protect animals from abusers like them, once and for all!

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