Legalise Hemp Worldwide!

As member of the Project Green Challenge, I want to inform people about Hemp and its important possible contribution to sustainable development. Hemp is a type of Cannabis which can be used for the production of hempseed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, fuel, among other environmentally friendly replacements for many things that cause great amounts of pollution like plastic, gasoline, cotton crops, etc. It is very important to understand that Hemp is not the same as Marihuana! This mistake is often made, since they are both Cannabis plants, however Hemp is in no possible way a drug, in fact Hemp cannot be used as a psychotic substance. I believe with the legalization of hemp in the world, could improve the economy and more importantly our impact to the environment, since we can use it from building houses to basic material for clothing. It can be used to support those who live in poverty but also to reduce the CO2 emissions produced in cities like London, Linfen, Bogotá, Sukinda and Dzerzhinsk, among others. If public transport worked with hemp fuel the pollution would be reduced greatly, and if all factories worked with plastic produced with hemp most products made of plastic would be biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly. Hemp is not only a material that can be used for almost everything, but it has a really small environmental impact and it is really easy to grow. It can be grown in all climates, it’s renewable which provides an option for major industries so they can become independent of the dwindling resources and opt for a more sustainable option. Hemp is also naturally pest and disease resistant, it absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and it adds nutritional value to the soil while also relieving it from toxic substances. There are enormous benefits this plant could bring to the world. Legalizing hemp would not only benefit the agriculture, but the economy and more importantly our planet’s sustainability. We could help end the deforestation happening in our great Amazonas and repair our damaged soils in Egypt. It would be my pleasure to provide more information regarding the benefits of Hemp.

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