Stop Police from Entering Your Property and Fatally Shooting your Pet For no Reason!

It may be your backyard they enter next, for whatever reason. Claim your pet looked like it was going to attack, and shoot your pet dead.  More and more these days, police have taken it upon themselves to shoot first and disregard the life of someone's pet later. Not only does the pet have their life shortened without warning or sentiment, their owner(s) are left to endure the pain that follows.  

Police are here to protect and serve the people....and their pets....not fire bullets randomly without regard for others.  Has it become pet owners in a fight against the police force?  Who is protecting the innocent animals who are considered a family member.  It has become a more frequent occurence...and it needs to stop!  When do the police have to start becoming accountable for their blatant disregard of animals? Living beings that want nothing more than to love and protect their families who have taken them into their homes to be loved.  

If the cops truly intend to only stop the animal, they are capable of firing a warning shot once before entering the premises.

It seems that the police are simply just shooting to kill.  In my opinion, as I am sure that I am not alone in my statement, these officers of the law are very cowardly in their actions.

The cops keep claiming in these stories that the dog looked like it was going to attack.  Most dogs give this appearance at first wouldn't you say?  And even so, this is not a valid excuse for gunfire on an animal.  Unless the animal actualy engages in physical attack against the officer(s), gunfire is not necessary.  

In one situation recently, a woman in California said that she had posted warning signs all around her yard.  That's her property and she did nothing wrong.  In fact, this was something the officer(s) should take into account.  The cop was wrong for shooting the dog without thought.  The cop took it upon himself to climb over the fence onto the woman's property and kill her dog. Common sense is not used as much as it should be anymore.  The cop should have knocked on the front door first before entering the premises.  This will save many lives, both human and animal. 

The police departments need to come out with a weapon that officers can carry around with them that would only tranquilize the animal to temporarily subdue them until the situation has been handled.

Maybe the cops should take in to account what it might feel like if their own canine companion were shot by random gunfire and the irresponsible actions of others. Perhaps this will remind them to think twice before immediately shooting to kill another defenseless animal.  The police are still flesh and blood and as such, should be held accountable for their inconsideration and failure to use common sense when entering a pet owner's place of residence.

This is what happens when the cops respond to a call or an alarm!  They either go into your yard and shoot and kill your pet or they enter when you are not home and shoot your dog!  That's how they take their anger and frustration out because of the degenerates they deal with all day!  Sorry, that's no excuse!   Stop labeling these beautiful dogs and make it safe for our innocent pets who accidentally come into the line of fire!!  If the cops are going to enter your yard or house(private property) they must have with them or on them something that is humane to pets in case you come face to face with a family pet!  I don't care what kind of dog it is!  Also, the cop(s) who are responsible for killing the pet, MUST be held accountable and should be punished!  They think that all they have to do is say the dog was going to attack, so he shot him!  (3 times?) Yeh, right!  This last paragraph was added today, 6/1/2014, when I read that another pet was shot 3 times inside his house and the pet owner was not at home.  The full story is on facebook.  This time it happened in Texas!  I feel so sorry for the owner!

I am an devoted animal lover.  If you are too, please help me in the fight against police officers shooting dogs without giving them fair warning.  It has been happening more and more and it just breaks my heart to see the animals dying.  Police officers have too much leverage when it comes to shooting thier weapons, shouldn't they be held accountable like the rest of us?  Please sign my petition in hopes that it helps make the difference in this matter.  Dogs don't have a voice of their own, let's be their voice!

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