BAN ALL Non-Recyclable / Non-Biodegradable Plastics NOW.

Industries, corporations, businesses, & sellers of all kinds need plastics in order to manufacture, package, ship, and sell their wares to consumers. Plastic may well be a practical and affordable solution, but it's also made from fossil fuels and often ISN'T recyclable.

We quite literally — look it up — have ISLANDS OF PLASTIC — swirling in the oceans, and washing up on beaches. The pristine waters that we see in movies and documentaries... it's not all like that anymore. A LOT of the oceans are disgusting, ghostly, horrifying, or even dead looking. And that's when you're not finding animals caught up in (&/or mutilated by) nets, bags, or other stupid bits of plastic we've invented.

The countdown is on, and it's SERIOUS.
We have less than 12 years to get our emissions down to ZERO, or we are going to be living in a permanent crisis. It's time for DRASTIC change. Recyclable plastics are possible, we make them all the time, so make it illegal to use any other kind — immediately.

AND — If there is a legitimate need for plastics that cannot be recycled yet, then the industries that need those plastics had best fund the recycling technologies in order to facilitate being able to use them. WE, the taxpayers, should NOT continually be forced to cover their costs of clean-up. If they need it / want it that badly, then they can pay for it.

This petition is intended to be sent to the governments around the world. This is a reasonable demand that should have been instituted decades ago.  Recyclable and biodegradable plastics already exist — we can do this NOW... and we must.

#ClimateCrisis #TippingPoint #TwelveYears #CleanUpOurAct #SaveOurOceans #NoPlanetB #SaveThePlanetSaveOurselves #WakeUp 

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