Allow Honeybees in Nelson B.C.

  • by: christina yahn
  • recipient: The City Council and Mayor John Dooley of Nelson B.C.
The City of Nelson B.C. currently resrticts any form of beekeeping in its city limits. This is an outdated bylaw that needs to be amended to allow proper regulations for beekeeping withen the city limits. Pollinators are declining and we need to do everything we can to contribute to thier survival.
over 2 years ago I went before city council and presented my case for pollinators in the city, a year later a date wa set for an open house to publically discuss and debate the issue. That date was canceled due to illness on the councils part and a full year later we still have no date reset

The city issued an action plan containing a food security portion, we need to let the city council know that food security is not possible without pollination.

Migratory beekeeping is not a sustainable practice, its been noted that this year we do not have enough bees for pollination...this could cause serious food shortages if this trend continues. Grocery stores have abaout 24hrs worth of food in the event of a food crisis. 

Localized food production is where we need to head for true food security in our region.

Cities and municipalities all over the world are accepting Beekeeping as a necessary practice in their cities to increase food security and environmental stability.

In Canada alone Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Vernon, and Fernie are implementing bylaws that allow honeybees in their Urban centers. In the spring of 2010 Vancouver city hall put two hives on its rooftop 

As cities move towards sustainable community living green the city projects have sprouted up everywhere. Edible landscaping, permaculture, rooftop gardens, community gardens, balcony and vertical growing methods, and of course Bee Keeping!!! are all becoming a part of the Urban lifestyle.  A connection with how we are meant to live becomes more desirable as the movement spreads and touches us.

Nelson, BC. a city filled with gardeners and bee food everywhere! I’m calling all Bee fact all food lovers to get together and tell your city council why you want Bees in your city and how we can all benefit from this action. Write letters of support, show up in council meetings…let them know we are not going away and we are not going to let our bees go away either!!

Dear Nelson City counslers and Mayor John Dooley,

The city of Nelson is known as a progressive and environmentally aware community. Currently your bylaw on Honeybees is not reflective of our community values.

Food production, food security and food sovriegnty are important topics for any city, However Nelson is a hub of gardeners and farmers and his issue has been taken to heart by many residents. 

The city has had plenty of time to take action on ammending the bylaw restricting beekeeping in Nelson and put in place proper regulations for allowing this incredibly important art in the city limits. 

We request that you set a date for an open house to publically discuss and debate this issue.

We request that you continue the process of ammendment in a timely fashion.

Please be advised that we will not give up on preserving our pollinators or our right to food security. It is a right to produce food to feed ourselves not a priviagle you  can take from us or grant to us.

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