Ban The Sale & Use Of Glue Traps That Is Torturous To The Animal

  • by: Sue Lee
  • recipient: Robert Sawyer, Pres. & CEO, Rona, Inc. Hardware in Canada

No one likes to have an invasive critter in their home and often go to any means to get rid of them.  A mouse is a common pest that is common in the environment, outdoors, but when they enter your living and/or working space, most people are very disturbed.  Despite their annoyance and increased need to eradicate them, causing them undue pain is still a cruel act. 

Glue traps cause immense and prolonged pain and suffering to any critter that it catches.  As a mouse or other animal (often a pet that gets stuck) tries to escape, their frantic struggles to freedom can lead to their own mutilation.  The terrified, exhausted animal is subjected to dehydration, blood loss and asphyxiation.  Besides mice, other animals like chipmunks, kittens and even birds can be caught by these cruel sticky glue traps.

There are many forms of eradicating pest from the home but one of the cruelest forms is the use of sticky, glue traps.  Many areas no longer sell these traps but it has been noted by PETA that a Canadian hardware store, Rona, are still available.  Our efforts in this petition is to ask the Rona Hardware store to completely ban the sale and use of glue traps.  You can help us in our efforts by signing and sharing this petition.

Robert Sawyer, Pres. & CEO, Rona, Inc. Hardware in Canada – We strongly urge you to ban the sale & use of glue traps that is torturous to the animal. Remove these traps from your stock and shelves permanently and ensure you never again sell these traps.

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