Every year, 50-90% of every 1:100,000 people die of suicide in the United States. This study has been conducted  since 2004. It's very sad and very tragic  kids, teens and even young adults take their lives because of personal, social and financial conflicts in their normal lives. It's wrong it's got to stop and it's going to stop. Now we live in the must cruel, dark and dismal times in the United States in 2012. Someone has to be stand up as a hero and fight for the lives of innocent people that are tortured. NO ONE should be harassed or intimidated. For example say a beautiful girl that one guy is fond of, but her boyfriend or gets jealous and retaliates. How freaking ridiculous is that? I'm calling that absurd or getting your ass told off on Facebook. Aren't you just sick of the same shit that mistreats you like garbage and less important to an imperfect world? My name is Cory Morr and I'm a perfect model of how I'm always bullied, yelled, talked backed, acted out because of minor incident intimidated, slandered because of unnecessary accident by nature that an innocent person shouldn't be marked a criminal. A subject "should never" be labeled nuisance because lack of understands, special imagination or difference from learning than others rationally comprehend. Cyber-bulling affects people's long-term memories in a short period of time. What is even devastating is the more hostility is inputed by vicious bully with methods of cruelty the faster a person is more likely to cause bodily harm, injury or death to themselves. It's a psychiatric state of disorder that takes years or sometimes never a life time to recover unless medicated. Their condition is sensitive and fragile. It's evil and it's just "fucking" sick. It's not funny, don't turn a spectacle into a joke, don't stereotype a human being because of their specific characteristics they live. Parents stand up for your children and be a spokesperson for others who need crisis support from any shape or form of bullying. Whether their circumstances are internet, school, home, family, socializing with friends, dates, events, parties, Facebook, Twitter, cellphones, texting, chat, the workplace, and home. Stick up for speaking light which will prevent bullying rightly. I ask you to spread the word of my petition to innocent people who may have been a victim of bully abuse, cyber attacks by certain individuals. prospects of people, criminals, even couples attacking other couples in personal relationship. Remember your innocent and did nothing wrong like me. If you fall I will stand up in behalf of you and fight with you. Never against you. Tell your friends, family, loved ones, siblings, co-workers, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, cousins, law enforcement and community workers. I'm Cory Morr and I support this petition. Please sign and endorse this petition to save lives. Remember it's our lives and it can be saved if we "CHANGE" things the "right" way. Thank you and may God bless you. 
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