For Lennox's Sake

Breed Specific Legislation needs to change the wording in the laws governing the ownership of: American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT), Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers (SPBT), German Shepherds (GSD), Doberman Pincers, Rottweilers, Chows, Great Danes, Akitas, et al; to allow people to own these breeds of dogs when they are being responsible dog owners by doing the following:
  1. Have their dog licensed annually,
  2. Have their dog micro-chipped,
  3. Have their dog tattooed for identification purposes,
  4. Have their dog insured for the maximum allowed,
  5. Have their dog spayed or neutered or both (if both are owned),
  6. Have a dog run that meets Breed Specific guidelines
  7. Have dog muzzled when out in public,
  8. Have dog on BSL approved lead/leash, and
  9. Up-to-date shots and veterinarian visits.


In turn, the specific City, State, Providence, and Country, needs to do, allow or comply with:

  • Not keeping the dog in custody for more then six (6) months if the owner is in need of collecting any and all paperwork on the dog in question,
  • Not taking the dog in question into custody at all if the owner of said dog has paperwork readily available, and
  • If the dog in question IS in or taken into custody, the owner needs to be allowed to visit with said dog in custody during the time in custody and take pictures if and when desired/needed.
  • The facility where the dog in question is being kept, will need to provide adequate food, water, medical care, inter-action with the owner of said dog, a place other then his/her kennel to relieve itself,
  • A dog run, if in custody, and
  • Muzzled if in custody while out in public, and above all else;
  • The facility is to provide the dog owner with copies of ALL paperwork and videos acquired or obtained while said breed if in their custody; either at the facility, the dog's home, etc. This is to include, but is not limited to;
    • Visits to/with Veterinarian(s),
    • Visits to/with Animal Behaviorist(s), AND
    • Courts, Law Enforcement, Animal Control, Dog Wardens and Coding Personnel that would have say over whether all parties are compliant
We the undersigned wish that the guidelines, outlines and wording to be changed for the sake of all dog breeds listed to include but not limited to,
  • If the home to which the dog breed in question resides is compliant with those items listed (i.e., license, insurance, dog run enclosure, micro-chip, muzzled in public, etc.) the dog must be left in the home in question.
  • If the owner/home of said breed in question has the appearance of acquiring the needed compliance items, the owner of said breed MUST be given sufficient time to finish acquiring the remaining items.
  • If said breed in question needs to be taken into custody while remaining items are acquired, then the said facility having taken custody must give no more then six (6) months to allow said owner of said breed time to finish acquiring the needed items.
  • Said breed is NOT to be euthanized or "Put To Sleep" (PTS) while in said custody for time period allowed of six (6) months.

In this way, the said breed will not have to spend an excessive amount of time away from the loving and caring family and home that is/would be compliant with the laws and powers that be. Thank you for taking time to read this letter and petition.

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