Yes another petition to china (again)

(litle update) tears in my eyes for all you people thanks for being with me in this petition so many thanks I hope I can make the diference for all the animals thousant thanks I love you all.
I will print all of your signatures out and make sure it will be delivered by the president him self one way ore the other.

The litle puppy on the picture is skinned alive because the more pain the more taste of the meat that is what the chinees beleve its only a puppy Why ?
A racoon is looking in the camera he is shaking his eye's asking WHY his skin is ripped from his whole body but he is still alive even after he was trowed on the ground by his tail .
a beautyfull white dog is hang up in a tree on his troat he screams because a chinees man is holding his leg and slam him with a stick at the hardest posible way he can on his body and on his head for 15 minutes just when de pour dog is want to give it up the man get him out of the tree and walks with him inside the kitchen to cut of his troat .
two chinees cooks holding a dog with tape on his mouth above boiling water than slowly put the dog with his behind legs into the water the dog wants to yell but can not the man are smilling when the dogs start to make strange moves to get out of there than the dog past out after 10 horrible minutes.
a big truck is coming into town with a load of steal cages the cages are full with dogs 10 dogs in a cage of 1 by 1 meters they are sitting on top of eatchother there legs are comming out of the cages than the truck driver stops and trows the cages from the top of the truck on the ground legs are breaking you can hear them screem some dogs cant breath any more because he his pushed in the corner of the cage by the other scary dogs.
than they get hit with a stick to make the adrenaline pumping in their body's the chinees thinks the meat is better if the dogs have their adrenaline pumping before they die.
another dog is lying on the street his legs are tight up to eathother the sun is shinning on him all day long no water no food he is waiting until somebody is buying him for the next evening meal.
10 dogs are sitting behind a truck on the local maket of china they are getting punishment for barking they also waiting for somebody who wanna buy them for their evening meal and if they get sold than what is going to happen before they end up on the table they get boiled alive ore hang up in a tree and get hit wth a stick ore their skin is get of while they are still alive.
and when they are not get sold they have to run behind the truck with a rope on their troats back home where they have to wait for the next day and if they can not run any more the truck will not stop they will drag behind the truck untill they finally die ore will be still alive but have a lot of pain what is good for the adrenaline.
I can tell alot more story's what I have seen from the chinees people.
Why do they still eat dogmeat in this time in this century ?
The government once talk about stopping the people from eating dog meat but than they disided that china can be independed about that and just let their people misbehaving on all the animals.
even the zoo in china are allowed to mistreat animals they are pulling animals teeth out so that the people can hold them for the pictures.
What kind of people are you if you cant have a heart for all of those helpless animals.
China say's that they are a big country and that the people are very walking forward on the rest of the world well I think that china only is a sad and low country they dont'care for other creatures thats on this planet.
when I see all the animals suffer I cant sleep I wanna shout it out I crying my eyes out .
what if there really was a god ? than it would be diference but it isnt.
cant we , I mean all country's all over the world send an army to china and sweep the streets clean get away all the pour dogs and other animals from there.
and learn to eat the chinees normal food that is killed on a desent way ??
To start with the covernment of china they can make the diference.
so please sign this petition and we send this again to china and after a month we make another petition and again and again to hope that once they will listen to our screem for the pour and helpless animals the animals can not do it their selves.
so help me to try this out I will go on untill china is been waked up and understand that they can not hurt a helpless animal and make them convinced that hurting animals not makes the meat taste better its stupid to beleve that.
pain and suffer is the wors thing there can be AND INSIDE THEY KNOW THAT.
thank you for taking the time to read my scream for help.
it is almost 2012 the time to stop the chinees people with eating dog meat and other strange things just wake up china.
thanks from elles. 

President hu jintao.
isnt it time to wake up your people .
only you can stop all the animal abuse in your country.
please let it stop it is almost 2012 there is no more need to let your people eat dogs and cats and other weird things.
I bet you dont eat them to DO YOU ?
why dont you learn your people that animals are all we have in this world a dog is more to trust than any other creature in this world why should you let them suffer only because a human is more cleaver and stronger ? ore only to have the power to get the animal the most pain they will can get ?
well president WHAT A POWER HOW BIG CAN YOU BE ??
it makes your country looks pour and sad you are not independet about the animals in our world yes you read that correct OUR WORLD the whole world is from the people and they have to make it a better place.
so stop your sadness and become a real country like the rest of the world start with industry that hold animals in the wide open space let them be free before they have to die I swear the meat taste better if you treat them with respect.
just let them get a painless not notest dead.
I hear you ask and see you smile how can you respect a dog ? well take one and you will see the sun going to shine all the love the dog will give you will be honnest the dog will be not angry if you leave him at home he will wait for you to get home and than will be happy that you are back and not sitting down and thinking hey he leaves me alone.
well what other living creature in this world will do that ? wake up please learn your people the love and pleasure of animals your world and country will be a loveble place learn your children in their classes how to treat an animal right.
and forbit their parents to eat dogs and most of all learn your people that kicking and trowing and boiling and give the animals the most off pain not will help with making them taste better its a big bull shit.

so now president Hu Jintao its up to you become a big man like you suppost to be.
look at al the people who sign this petition open your eyes we all going tru untill you will STOP the animal slaughter in your country.
at least I will do.
best regards elles.

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