David Cameron Respect The Genitals Of Our Children!

  • by: Liv Kaged
  • target: Prime Minister Of The UK, David Cameron

David Cameron, countless innocent male and intersex children are undergoing circumcision and gender reassignment surgery while your law protects females from such circumcision. Can you honestly say that a female child is worth more and needs more protection then that of a male or intersex child? 

The 'Human Rights Act Article Seven' states "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination". This is a human right which can not be ignored under any justification. If something is illegal for females then it should be illegal for males and intersex children as well.

The 'Prohibition Of Female Circumcision Act 1985' states no person can legally perform any form of female circumcision of female baby, child or adult in any part of the UK. This was then replaced with 'Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003' which then criminalized any performance of female circumcision in the UK and taking a UK female citizen outside of the UK to have circumcision performed.

As stated in human rights, if all persons-regradless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age and disability are equal in eyes of the law, then surely as we protect our female citizens we must perform our duty of upholding human rights for all British citizens that we should not discriminate against gender and protect both males and intersex children as well.

David Cameron when looking at children do you see a female child any different to a male or intersex child? I don't, I see them all as vulnerable children which need our protection from the law regradless of what genitalia they have.

Controlling how a child's genitalia looks is not a parental right nor is it a parental choice! 

The negative effects of circumcision performed on males

          • Cosmetic effects

          • Glans externalized and keratinized

          • Penile skin and mucosal loss of 33–50%

          • Loss of sensory nerve endings

          • Loss of reciprocal stimulation of foreskin and glans

          • Loss of the gliding mechanism 

Some males will even die from their circumcision; do I need to remind you of baby Goodwill? An innocent male baby whom was circumcised last year but died because of his circumcision? How many Goodwill's will there be while you continue to allow the barbaric practise on innocent male babies when you protect female babies form the same practise.

When we look at intersex children do we have any right to decide that their gender is wrong and that they should be different? That we should make them male or female? How does this not full under intersexphobia which should be classed under the same grounds as homophobia and transphobia. If a parent wanted to have their female baby changed to a male baby or a male baby changed to a female baby they would not be allowed to. However we can allow intersex children not to be protected by that right? Does not article seven also apply to them? 

Surely the 'Gender Recongnition Act 2004' should be used to protect those who do not wish to undergo gender reassignment as well as those who do? When are intersex children viewed so differently to male and female children? As infantcy and childhood a child can not give informed consent to surgery, and that must include gender reassignment children on infants and children. Intersex childen are no different and the appalling discrimination the law shows them is nothing more then child abuse and intersexphobia.

David Cameron why aren't all UK children considered equal in the eyes of the law as article seven says they should be?

I want to tell you a story, a story of three beautiful triplets. Mackenzie, Mason and Morgan.

Mackenzie was born female, in the eyes of the law her genitalia was seen as something that must be protected as a human rights act. Her parents could not legally get her circumcised as that would be considered violence of women and bodily harm as well as genital mutliation. If her parents did they would face up to fourteen years in prison.

Mason was born male. The law has decided, despite the risks and it being his body, that his genitalia was not worth the equal protection. His parents had him circumcised and Mason suffered horrible complications. He died from lack of protection six hours later; no punishment was given to the person who circumcised him as it was legal.

Morgan was born intersex and sadly into an intersex world. Zir parents did not accept Morgan as an intersex child, like Mason their were no laws to protect Morgan's genitalia. Zir parents decided without consulting Morgan or graining Morgan's consent that they wanted Morgan to be a male child. As an infant Morgan underwent gender reasignment surgery. Morgan was never got to choice if ze wanted to be male.

David Cameron I ask again, why is one child seen as more precious to any other child? Surely we have a duty to protect all children of all genders and not take control of their genitalia. No one has the right to do that; we must start respecting genital integrity and bodily autonomy of all children not just the female ones.

David Cameron you must enforce laws to protect male and intersex children as well as female ones, as article seven states. All are equal.  

In the UK we have laws to protect our female children from genital cutting but to protect males and intersex children? How can we justify violation their human rights? Don't males and intersex deserve the right to bodily autonomy and genital integrity as well as females?

Tell David Cameron enough is enough and he must obey article seven of the human rights act. No forced genital cutting on any child! 

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