Unjustly Accused

We need to stop these insane witch hunts against people on just the whim of a court prosecutor. Or the use of this "Loaded Gun" put in the hands of any vengeful ex-wife, stepchild, or neighbor to their own agenda.
Child abuse in any way is a true crime, but to let people use it to "get rid" of other they deem not worthy is a bigger crime in its self.
I am a good father; I was accused by a stepdaughter that i touched my granddaughter all because she did not want a "spic" to marry her mother. I have court transcripts from various people, including my stepdaughter’s sisters stating that she was planning this, and was trying to bribe them into false accusations. She even went as far as to have her father fired for not taking her side. My step granddaughter even admitted in court that her mother told her what to say. All this overwhelming evidence of a frame, and the judge, deemed it not appealing" and would not even grant bail.
I lost it all, home, car money, and had to settle for a plea (one they never said what it involved ,nor that it could be changed at anytime they wished) just to get back home and provide for my wife and step-kids.
They put my kids though doctors and exams physically and mentally and it showed nothing wrong on my part. I passed their sexual offender classes and a lie detector, and still, I suffer with this on my name, and now for life, why, cause one of my wife’s kids, and there aunt decided I was not “white” enough to marry her, or cause as they said “spics are a plague on this state”, is that why?

NOW I ask is this not as unfair as letting those that do commit the horrible crimes get away with it, not fully punishing those that deserve it, to be fully punished. We need to draw the line, I have had my home "rocked" my kids ridiculed, and more, is this justice??? In what dam planet is this justice, we need the laws changed; we need people who give a dam.
Please, sign this petition, once I get enough signatures, I will forward this to all agencies, government or otherwise to try to make the change needed, I will forward to the news, to inform our people of what a travesty our justice or shall I say injustice system has become. If I was rich, if I was not Spanish/dark skin, would that blue eyed judge and blonde prosecutor looked at me different, if my step granddaughter was dark skinned, instead of blonde and blue eyed, make a difference, maybe, maybe not, but I do feel it might have been a part of the catalyst.

Please, help me right the wrongs of this justice system, let’s get those that commit the crimes a tougher sentence, but also get those that were casualties of the “loaded gun” our laws put in the hands of cruel and malicious people, the justice they deserve also.

Read Horror Stories here, http://www.ipt-forensics.com/journal/volume2/j2_4_7.htm 
See percentages of false accusations here

We the undersigned belive that this needs to be addressed. For far too long have people used this as a "loaded gun" to make others do what they want, or to get "rid" of those they deem undesirable. We appeal to you, and such we demand our voice be heard!

Thank You All, together we can make a differance, united we stand !

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