All animals deserve to live comfortably and with respect

    I went to the market to get lobster. He was like do you want me to cook it so i was like yeah. I asked if he was gonna cut in the middle of the head before he cooked the lobster and he said yeah but didnt. That is inhumaine, feeling the pain of being boiled alive. It needs to be manditory for everyone to kill animals humanely and they need to be in a comfortable living space! Lobsters are sitting on top of lobsters that are sitting on top of lobsters in the tank i seen there. Having all those lobsters in a tank there for a very long time is not even appetizing. Respect should be given to all that is living. Markets should have a set number on lobsters ordered in a week. There was too many that werent even used by the end of the day. There is no reason for that. Every animal deserves to live comfortably. Their conditions are uncomfortable , and it’s disgusting. This needs to apply to all farms! There are many “farms”out there that are overcrowded, watch the Food Inc movie. Many conditions have injured animals, there would be feces on the ground around them that they are stuck in, and fences around the animals are so small that it restricts them from even walking. Animals are also allowed to be shot up with chemicals just to grow faster for super markets who throw out so much meat away anyways. Why are animals being pushed to grow so fast if there is so much waste in this world? No hormones and chemicals should be allowed to be injected into animals. Plants and wheat are also spraid with Round-up so much that a percentage of it was found in human blood. There are various organic ways to keep bugs off food without poisening our food itself such as Rosepharm peppermint oil(also keeps fungus away), Garlicpharm garlic oil, and even putting bird baths around so the birds can help by eating the bugs as well. Everyone needs to have the right to live freely, with respect, and comfortably.
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