Women Broke Into Home and Left a 6lb Yorkie for Dead! Oakland County Needs to Step Up and PROSECUTE! #justiceforcookie


Attn:  Jessica Cooper's Office

Oakland County Prosecutor

July 10, 2019

Madam Prosecutor,

We urge you to open a full investigation into the break-in at our property, the theft of our personal property, and the harm done to our animals.  We urge you to do your job, and arrest and press charges against Anne Bircklebaw, Nicole Litzelman and Nicole Moskal-Paige.   

According to Lt. Venus of the Lyon Township Sheriff's Department, the Oakland County Prosecutor's office refuses to prosecute because witnesses that came forward were once friends of the Plaintiffs, and are now deemed 'not credible'.  Yet subpoenaed phone records by the Sheriff's Department CONFIRMED these women were in possession of our stolen property!  Further, witnesses saw the property stolen in their garage!  Text messages that came forward outline their diabolical plan and their guilt is irrefutable!

In addition, we ask that Judge Travis Reeds, (now under investigation by the Judicial Tenure Commission) and Prosecutor Sydney Turner, (grievance filed) be terminated for violating our civil rights, for their ex-parte communications, and destruction of our lives, finances and reputations.   

An explanation of what transpired is below.   


Kevin & Nicole King, Friends and Family

Please help us get justice for our 9 year old, 6lb Yorkie named Cookie, and DEMAND that the Oakland County Michigan Prosecutor's office press charges against the women responsible for nearly killing our dog and destroying our lives!

On May 28, 2018, while my husband and I were enjoying a long overdue mini vacation up North, our home was broken into by a group of women that had been terrorizing us for months, all due to a business venture with them that I walked away from. 

Owning and operating an animal rescue for nearly 15 years, we hardly ever had the chance to take off and enjoy ourselves.

Little did we know that a small group of women by the names of Anne Bircklebaw, Nicole Litzelman and Nicole Moskal-Paige, had been scheming for weeks to break into our home, trash it, and steal our dogs. We found out they even went as far as to put spy cameras in our yard to stalk us.

Our home had actually been broken into weeks prior as well, and we suspected it was Nicole and her crew, but we couldn't prove it, and the Lyon Township substation of the Sheriff's Department was useless. When we filed theft reports and tried to file numerous complaints, we were denied the right to file police reports and were even mocked, (I have video) and Lt. Venus said to me, "I'm not wasting valuable labor dollars on your kiddy spat". So we were left to be sitting ducks.  

The first break-in, tens of thousands of dollars of my husband's tools and personal items were stolen. (We found out by friends of hers that later came forward with the truth as witnesses, that Nicole Litzelman raided our home in the middle of the night, while we were staying in a hotel awaiting repairs to the heat).  The items Nicole Litzelman stole were seen in her garage, by a witness that later came forward.

These women plotted and schemed, waiting for us to leave our home. Then they broke in the back of the house by punching out a glass window. Once in the home, they trashed it, by throwing garbage all over. They then video taped themselves in our home, and even in our walk-in closet!

Sometime during their forced entry, my Yorkie was nearly killed. These women broke in, hid the food and water left for our dogs, and called Animal Control to say we abandoned them, but AC couldn't come to the following day, so despite the fact they wreaked havoc and left my dogs alone with no food and water, and my Yorkie was left to die, they walk free.

Ironically, while video taping themselves, they also got a clip of the massive food and water feeders that we keep filled 24/7.  And ironically, these women call themselves animal rescuers!

We found out these women called individuals and asked them to come steal our dogs. They knew the most important things in the world to me are my animals, as I was never able to bear a child due to complex endometriosis-related issues since the age of 12.

Animal Control took our dog to the ER, where she had to be sedated and stitched up in multiple areas. These monsters just left my 6 pound baby there to die!

These women told Animal Control we abandoned our dogs, despite the fact the home was clearly lived in, contained all of our worldly possessions, had brand new appliances with stickers still on them, etc. So AC took our dogs, despite never once trying to get a hold of us!

We didn't know any of this went on until we returned home. They had also changed the locks so our caretaker couldn't get in, and because we were in a rural area with minimal service, I didn't get her message until I got home. We had no idea what went on in our absence.  

As my husband and I pulled into the drive, we saw an unrecognized vehicle. We tried to enter through our front door and the door wouldn't open. We had no idea what was going on! Even the garage door wouldn't open! So we ran to the back of the home, to see blood everywhere in our sunroom, and our back door boarded up. By now, my husband and I were panicking.

So my husband, who is a Marine and an ex-auxiliary cop for Waterford, took his gun out of his holster and pushed in the door.

At that moment, we saw two of the women still standing there in my kitchen, Nicole Litzelman and Anne Bircklebaw. Anne was laughing, while having the phone up to her ear, she was on with 911, claiming my husband punched in the window that THEY used to break in days earlier. I recall seeing Gatorades from my fridge on the counter, that they had just helped themselves to.

My husband never even raised his gun. But because they got caught red-handed in the house, they lied and claimed he tried to kill them. (Note: there was no sign of a struggle, no commotion is heard on the 911 call, and no one had any marks, scratches, etc).  We didn't know at the time that these women had set this all up and had been planning this for weeks.  

The police believed their story, simply because my husband carried a gun, and decided they hated us because I was an no stranger to the law and started demanding my rights be upheld.  My husband's gun is licensed and he has a permit to carry, nonetheless. A gun he'd been trained to use, seeing as he was an expert rifleman with the Marine Corp, and worked for years as an aux Cop.  

We were taken to jail on the spot, and spent 4 days at the Oakland County jail. I asked what we were being arrested for and was told, "We'll figure something out".  We were denied phone calls and were treated like pariah, to the point I had to whip out my cell phone and begin recording as one Novi Officer was spitting in my face.

Despite the fact my husband's gun had been disarmed the minute we walked into our home, the police threw him to the ground, cuffed him, and pointed guns  and tasers at his head.   

As I sat in an squad car in 102 degree temps, with no air or window down, I began to have heat stroke.  (I'm dealing with health issues that cause massive hot flashes as well).  I begged to get medical attention and was initially denied.

One of the women, Nicole Paige, has a friend named Joanne Bemis, who was a Deputy at the jail. We found out Nicole contacted her and advised her to "mess with us". The disturbing part about this is that Ms. Bemis had made threats against our lives on social media, claiming that she was a crazy Italian with a badge and that she'd, "Send over her finest Sicilians" to teach us a lesson. Her Captain was notified and a complaint was made, but yet nothing happened and she retired recently with her pension in tact.

Despite my husband and I never being in trouble with the law before, I was stripped naked, put into isolation, denied TP and feminine products, served food I'm allergic to, and was forced to sleep on a concrete floor with no blanket, mat or even pillow.  My rights were violated time and again, as Ms. Bemis reported back to her buddies the kind of torture I was enduring.  I even passed a kidney stone while in jail, and was denied even an Advil!  I was told to, "shut the *bleep* up, because crying wasn't allowed in jail".   (One of many unconstitutional acts committed by Deputies at OCJ).  

My husband and I spent a year, and tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees, court costs and even tethers! But finally, friends of the perpetrators came forward with the truth, and started providing evidence to prove our innocence.  There were thousands of shocking texts and messages that came to light that shed light on the kind of monsters these women really are.  

Thankfully, after a year and three months, it was over.  We walked away, but the experience destroyed us; our reputations, our finances, and I will never be the same.  The corruption we saw come out of Oakland County was mind-blowing, right down to the lead Detective on our case, Ginnel, being plucked from our case and being demoted to midnight shift.  Hmm.

Text messages that surfaced between the women confirmed this was all a set up. Anne Birckelbaw was someone I made the mistake of trying to help, and little did I know she had approximately 14 court cases filed against her; from evictions to unlawful entry.  She claimed her and her baby were about to be homeless because of their current slumlord landlord. Mind you, her baby ended up being a grown 22 year old man, totally capable of working and supporting himself!  Not to mention, the home she claimed was in such bad condition was an adorable home!  The truth is she got into a fight with her landlord and hadn't paid rent in FOUR months.  (See the pattern here?)

Nicole Litzelman also has an unstable past, and many, many organizations she's worked with/for have indicated they cut ties with her for everything from dog theft to harassment of the public.  (This has not been personally confirmed). 
My husband and I moved them ourselves, (not one other person showed to help them) into our home free of cost for months.

Anne's son drove our vehicles, including a new truck. They ate our food, used our gas, and I even took in their elderly dog that destroyed my brand new carpet on the second level of our home.  Anne helped herself to my walk-in closet and adorned herself with my clothing and jewelry.  

Nicole Paige alleged her husband beat her and the kids and threatened her, to the point he went to jail for several months.  Yet now she's cancelled her petition for divorce against him?  There's a definite pattern with these women.  They are all professional victims.  Who lets a man that allegedly beat her and her children multiple times just come back into her life?  Seeing as this woman had been married 5 times by the age of 41, nothing is shocking to us anymore.

As text messages surfaced, we saw how this unfolded.  It's all in black and white. Text messages between these women even joke about their breaking and entering, referring to it as, "The eagle has landed".  

These women spent months lying on the stand, contradicting themselves and harassing anyone that was associated with us.  From false police reports, to fake complaints to Animal Control and even bogus complaints to CPS, they were relentless.  

What we've uncovered about these women is astounding.  Their own family members have come forward to share their own horror stories, and they need to be stopped and held accountable!

There is so much more to this story and the hell we endured, and yet the Oakland County Prosecutor's office refuses to press charges to get justice for us and Cookie, who was traumatized and shook for weeks after this!

My phone records were also subpoenaed and it turns out my cell phone they stole was pinging from a tower less than a mile from where Nicole Litzelman lives, (while we were still incarcerated) and that home is over 30 miles from where our home was. Yet they still refuse to issue a warrant for their arrests.

These women nearly killed my dog, stole everything of value we owned, smeared our names, and will get away with it unless we bring attention to this matter!

Please sign and help us to urge the Prosecutor's office to pursue this and get us the justice we deserve.

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