This country is about to slaughter all of its farmed mink. That's 17 million animals.

  • by: The Care2 Team
  • recipient: Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark
Mink are animals that look a lot like ferrets — you know, the cuddly, furry, mischievous little friends that many of us adopt as pets. But one of the biggest differences between mink and ferrets is that we currently don't slaughter ferrets in order to rip off their skin and fur to make coats. But humans subject mink to this horror every year.

Being bred, tortured, and murdered for the fur industry seemed like the worst possible fate for these social little creatures. But then, it all got worse.

Now, the nation of Denmark is planning to kill off all the mink left alive in their country — all 17 million of these sentient, feeling animals. In fact, they already started on their mission several weeks ago. Why? Because humans in Denmark and other European countries realize that their "mink farms" — much like the "wet markets" in some other countries such as China — pose a risk to human health. This is all OUR OWN FAULTS, and now animals that are confused, helpless, and scared are going to pay the price.

Sign the petition to demand an end to the whole disgusting mink fur industry!

The devastating truth is that there may not be a way around this particular cull that's happening right now. That's because it's tied up with the novel coronavirus, a devastating and highly-contagious disease that's ravaging human populations.

What started off as a disease that jumped species from bats to humans in late 2019 has now turned into a disease that's jumped species to mink — and it's mutated into a new form. The Prime Minister of Denmark is now afraid the mutated variant will jump back to humans, causing new outbreaks that are immune to upcoming vaccines. As a result, the government has no choice but to keep human populations safe by going farm to farm, killing every last mink in the entire land.

We feel for these animals, and we also understand why it has to be done. But this wouldn't be a problem if we had just let animals live on their own, and didn't try to raise them as livestock for slaughter — whether it's for human consumption in the form of meats, or as fur that we plaster all over our own bodies. When will we finally realize as a species that we can't just force other animals into farm-style captivity and servitude for our own ends?

After this tragic slaughter, the whole industry must be shut down. The mink trade is directly responsible for what has occurred here. And it must never be allowed to happen again.

The nation of Denmark must not slaughter 17 million mink just to turn around again and fill those same cages with millions more. Sign the petition to demand an end to mink fur farming!
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