For the adoption of an early Federal Law on the Protection of Cruelty to Animals !

Pets in ill-equipped mobile zoos use in photo, torture and killing of stray animals, dog fights - it's all possible in Russia because of the lack of uniform federal law that would encompass all aspects of man's relationship with animals and to protect them from all forms of violence. The draft law was withdrawn by the State Duma in 2008 after spending eight years on the claim. Over the years, the number of cases of animal cruelty in Russia only grown.

Humane treatment of animals and man to protect them from all forms of violence is an inherent difference between a civilized state. Most European countries for decades have developed legislation to protect animals from cruelty, which allows to respond to any cases of improper treatment of animals, to stop them and punish those responsible. In the UK, the first law on the protection of animals from cruelty was passed in the XIX century! In Russia, however, still the whole legal framework in this area is exhausted by Article 245 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and a number of local laws governing the rules of keeping companion animals. The existing law on wildlife animal sees only as a resource and also does not provide protection from cruelty.

However, every year the number of cases of animal abuse in their content in mobile zoos and circuses, use in photo and other commercial purposes, the mass slaughter of animals barbaric ways (as happened in 2011 in Dzerzhinsk, where the eyes the owners stables and teenagers who care for animals under quarantine were burnt alive six horses, two of which were to bring offspring), shooting and poisoning stray animals, torture of domestic and wild animals. Lack of a single law covering all aspects of the relationship between man and animals, including livestock, experiments, fur industry, the entertainment industry and the content of companion animals, leads to the fact that a number of actions have long banned and condemned in most states, Russia is not even classified as a crime!

Thus, our country is still one of the three countries where the catching of wild animals with traps. Not regulated, except for health and hygiene standards, maintenance, transportation and slaughter of animals in agriculture. At the Russian fur farms used the drug "ditilin" causing a painful death from suffocation and long banned in Europe. Continue to exist so-called "pritravochnye station," in which are wild animals that are reused for inciting hunting dogs.

Statistics zooschitnyh organizations illustrates the disastrous consequences of the absence in Russia, the legal framework for the protection of animals from cruelty. Especially dangerous are the cases of cruelty to animals in front of children, for whom such behavior should not be the norm!

That is why Russia needs one clear mechanism to address all areas of the relationship between man and animals, providing for increasing the punishment for all kinds of cruelty to animals.

The first step on the way to remedy the situation should be the adoption of the Federal Law on the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, which will:

- Is the foundation for the amendments of the criminal, civil, administrative, and other laws of the Russian Federation;

- To promote the correct and uniform application of laws and regulations on the entire territory of the Russian Federation;

- Strengthen the morals of society and humanity, to prevent suffering and death of animals.

The draft law was withdrawn in 2008, contrary to the opinion zoozaschitnyh organizations, but the deteriorating situation in the protection of animals from cruel treatment demands a return to its consideration, a possible revision and adoption.

Concern for animal welfare - is, above all, concern for the moral state of society in which we live today, and in which our children will live tomorrow. Therefore I suggest:

- To work with interested organizations to analyze zoozaschitnye all spheres between man and animals to identify the maximum list of situations that require legal regulation;

- Analyzing and involving representatives zoozaschitnyh organizations develop a new draft federal law on the protection of animals from cruelty;

- To ensure timely consideration of the State Duma of the law and take it in the near future.


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