Stop Dolphin Slaughter

Every single animal is precious to me. Today I noticed this horrible picture of dolphins. A huge numbers of those animals are being hunted and killed. I hate to know the fact that I am human and how some humans have no heart and just kill those animals with no feeling of guilt or shame. We are not the only type of species living in this world, world does not belong to us, it belongs also to animals. Animals are on this planet because there is purpose of them - but i can assure you, not a purpose to be killed by humans. Some animals are more clever than humans, they have feelings as well and they depend on us. I hate to see how humans devastate this environment and kill many animals that can put them in danger of extinction. In few years they might become a legend on which our grandchildren will tell their children 'my grandparents lived on days where those beautiful animals lived... they do not exist anymore because people killed them'. Sounds sad, but that's the fact - it is sad but its horrendous and horrific. I ask for your help, lets put the stop to it. The aim of this petition is to alert government on how huge issue it is and how not moral. The aim is for governments in the whole world to put law up to stop slaughter of animals. For them to make animal - police organisations which will look after protection of dolphins and will catch all those criminals who kill those animals and put them into jail for many years or best for a lifetime. This our time to stop it. It is our calling to stop make next hundreds of dolphins suffering, young ones to lose mothers, parents, brothers and sisters. To stop the agony by which each of them go though. How would you feel if someone killed off your parents and the precious people to you ? Not well. Those animals are innocent, intelligent but not intelligent to escape from hunters. If it bothers you, do something about it, click on petition to sign. Feel relief because each of your sign will help me to send a message to all countries - to save dolphins, their precious life's. 
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