Please Stop Puppy Mills in Pennsylvania!

 Our names are Joey (age 12) and Anthony (age 11) and we want to stop puppy mills! We really want to stop them because the puppy mill owners treat the dogs there terribly. How would you like if you were crammed in a wired cage, fed terrible food, and never got any care. That's what happens in a puppy mill. The dogs are bred to produce litter after litter of puppies which are taken from their mothers and sold online and in pet stores all over. This is all about making money and greed at the expense of the dogs lives. Many times when the dogs aren't producing puppies they are killed in very cruel ways.

We've had four fosters from puppy mills, and ended up adopting one dog named Franklin. Franklin used to be super scared and would never even take a glance at us. His teeth were horrible once we got him because he never got any dental care. He would always run away from us and hide in a corner, but, now he is a great little guy that we can always pick up and give him love. He will sometimes avoid us, but he will always look back at us with a little smile on his face. He is a very loving member of the family and is much healthier and happier. Another of our fosters had a broken jaw that was never treated..our vet thinks she may have been hit or kicked and left to suffer!

This shows that puppy mills are terrible places and all of the dogs there are mistreated terribly and never see the vet. One of the worst things is after they are beaten and not fed, they are auctioned to other puppy mill owners or worse yet they are killed.

The main idea of a puppy mill is to cheaply breed dogs and sell the puppies either to a store, people directly or online. The reason this is so cheap is because the mill owners do not pay for vet care, decent living conditions, or even healthy food. Most do not even follow the rules that the government says they should! The dogs are bred multiple times in a short amount of time. The only human interaction they have is negative.

Please help us get as many signatures as we can to finally put an end to these horrible places. Who in the world would think that this treatment is OK? It is not, and it must stop!

Adopt Don't Shop

Stop Puppy Mills

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