The slaughter of wolves in Ontario

The ministry of natural resources is planning in 2017 to allow the slaughter of wolves and coyotes. Their reason for this is because they say the moose population is declining and they are blaming these animals for the decline and yet they issue permits to shoot moose cows and baby calves. These hunts are done in a very inhuman way with hunters running wolves down to the point of exhaustion then shooting them from the air. Please help me in my fight to save these beautiful animals, send direct comments to 012-6073.  Together we can save these precious animals.

Your ministry is suppose to protect our environment which includes the protection of our wildlife.  To date you have miserably failed in this duty.  It is against the law to abuse domestic animals and yet there is a free for all on wildlife under your charge.  You allow trapping which leaves animals caught sometimes for days in traps to suffer pain, dehydration, starvation then a slow death.  At best all these poor animals can hope for is that the trapper will come along and beat them to death, not wanting to damage the pelt.  Is this not abuse?  And now you want to make a free for all on our wolfs and coyotes, for what?  So you can make a profit and satisfy blood thirsty hunters just wanting to kill something?  Put the decline of the Moose in proper perspective, its the over hunting by man NOT THE WOLFS that is responsible.  Why not put Canada in the lead of saving our wildlife for future generations to enjoy and let nature control the rest.  Stop the killing!! 

Update #13 years ago
Thank-you for helping me save these beautiful animals. This is the official site of the ministry responsible for this action 012-6073. Send them your comments and let them know how we all feel about this deplorable action and again thank-you
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