Save the tiger in the Far East, the largest of the tigers and the northernmost !

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 Amur tiger (Ussuri or Far East, Latin. Panthera tigris altaica) - One of the smaller tiger subspecies, the most northern tiger. Listed in the Red Book.

 The area of focus of this tiger in a protected area in the south-east of Russia, on the banks of the Amur and Ussuri rivers in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions. In Russia in the year 1996 there were about 415-476 individuals. About 10% (40-50 individuals) Amur tiger lives in China (Manchuria). Siberian tigers are most common in the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in the Lazo region of Primorsky Krai, where the relatively small area lives every six wild Siberian tiger (2003). Expected to settle tigers in Pleistocene Park in Yakutia.

The languages of the Amur tiger instead of a direct determination "Taskhu" (Tiger) is often called "Amba" (large), so as not to invite disaster.

In zoos the world on February 20, 2007 contained over 450 individuals (844 individuals as of 1 January 1979).
 The Amur tiger is listed in the Red Book of Russia. In April 2007, experts from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced that the population of tigers has reached hundred high and that Tiger is no longer on the verge of extinction.

In 2008-2009, held a comprehensive expedition staff IEEP RAS in the framework of "Siberian Tiger" in the Ussuri reserve the Far Eastern Branch of RAS in the Primorsky Territory of the Far East of Russia. Found out that in the area inhabited by six species of Amur tigers. With the help of satellite collars scientists monitor their routes, and for the first marked female tiger in a year managed to get 1,222 locations. According to published research animal uses an area of almost 900 km ² - despite the fact that the area of the reserve - a total of 400 km ². This means that the Tigers are far beyond the protected area, undergoing high risk. These data, according to the publication, give grounds to speak about the need for a buffer zone of the reserve and the regulation of human activity beyond.

 Everyone who believes it is important to the preservation of this unique tiger put signatures to the petition.


Saving tigers in the Ussuri reserve.
Сохранение тигра в уссурийском заповеднике.

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