Prosecute 18 Texas Rapists who Assaulted an 11-Year-Old Girl

This petition will be sent to the mayor of Cleveland, Texas requesting that these men are held accountable for their actions. This 11-year-old child was violently raped by 18 men between middle-school-age and 19 years old. Many of the locals are describing the girl as dressing and speaking like an adult, occassionally hanging out with boys, and thus, "she asked for it." This frame of mind cannot be tolerated. A child was brutally gang-raped by 18 men, some of which were her fellow students, and it looks like there may be no charges or prosecution in sight for many of these boys. The town is against this poor girl & is supporting the actions of these men; it is inexcusable. Add your signature to this petition to send a letter to Mayor Jill Kirkonis asking that all 18 of these men receive the proper punishment for the rape of a child.

The disturbing article can be found through the link below:

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Mayor Kirkonis,
    We, the undersigned, are contacting you today regarding the recent coverage of the violent gang-rape of an 11-year-old child. As many articles have stated, there seems to be some confusion regarding the word, "victim." It would seem that many of your community members are under the impression that an 11-year-old girl should be held responsible for her own brutal gang-rape, because of a way she may have dressed, talked, or the types of people she may have associated herself with. However, any person in their right mind understands that an 11-year-old child cannot be held responsible for such a gruesome and violent crime against themselves. To blame the victim, especially when that victim is an elementary school student, is both appauling and ridiculous.
 I think that it is your responsibility as the leader of this community to set the example of speaking for this child victim, and to see that the 18 men involved with this horrific crime are brought to justice in a timely fashion & to the full extent of the law. A child cannot be blamed for such a disturbing and gruesome crime against themselves, and none of the boys involved should be able to walk away from taking responsibility for their haneous acts against this girl. Her life will never be the same, but if these men are allowed a way out of being held accountable, this poor girl will never have any justice for a childhood stollen.
We, the undersigned, respectively ask that you seek maximum punishment for these boys, and set a beautiful example to your community of how people are supposed to act when a child is harmed so violently. Set the example that this behaviour will not only be condemned, but will be punished severely. No woman, let alone a small child, should ever have to go through what this poor girl experienced, and no one should be allowed to get away with such a haneous, violent, and disturbing crime.


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