We Want Clear Labels on Cosmetics,telling us they have been tested on Animals

NEW CAMPAIGN: We want to see a CLEAR symbol on ALL Cosmetics/Shampoos,Medications ect,stating that the product ‘Has been TESTED on Animals’

For too long companies have been able to ‘get away with torture’ and are legally allowed to mislead the public. This truly can’t be allowed to continue. When a member of the public buys a product, they are entitled to know exactly where it came from,what its exact ingriedients are and Allergy information.

Already there are symbols to tell people that the product is Vegetarian or Vegans,whether it is safe for people with allergies and ‘May contain nuts’ ect. Yet,There is no clear indication as to whether the item has been tested on animals. Surely one has the right to know,if their shampoo ect has first been tested on an animal? The truth of the matter is that, most products actually ARE tested on animals. This is a fact many organisations don’t want you to know.

About Animal Testing

Experiments on animals are carried out for many different purposes:

    developing and testing medicines and vaccines for humans or animals,
    studying how animals’ and humans’ bodies function,
    assessing the safety of chemicals, such as pesticides, for their possible effects on human health or the environment.

    It is estimated that more than 100 million animals are used in experiments each year across the world. Attitudes to animals, and the legislation in place regarding their use and welfare, vary widely between countries.
    In the UK, the use of animals in experiments is regulated by the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 - which is administered by the Animals in Science Regulation Unit of the Home Office. Under this law, all breeding and use of animals has to be carried out in licenced premises, the research itself has to be set out in a project licence application which is submitted to the Home Office for authorisation, and the people carrying out the research also have to be licenced.
What can we do?

    Raise awareness, start spreading the word,with all the numerous online tools at our fingertips,it has never been easier to get the message out to all our family and friends
    Sign and share our petition:
    Write or Email, companies you know do test there products on Animals.
    Above all,Don’t use Any product that are tested on animals

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