Tell AstraZeneca To Answer About Their Animal Tests!

Cambridge Against AstraZeneca Planning sent a list of important questions for AstraZeneca's online AGM this year. AstraZeneca has failed to respond to any of them!

Please sign the petition to ask AstraZeneca to reply. THANK YOU.

Here are the questions:

Aran Mathai asked:

"They say that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegan. I believe that if vivisection labs had glass walls, all decent people would oppose animal experimentation.

AstraZeneca is a signatory to the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research and has boasted about how its new headquarters in Cambridge will have glass walls. Indeed, your Cambridge Headquarters' entire design is intended to give the impression of transparency.

Will the animal lab in your Cambridge headquarters also have glass walls, and will you allow a representative of the CAP campaign to tour this facility?"

Rachel Mathai asked:

"As you know, animal experiments must be classified according to UK legislation as either non-recovery; mild, moderate or severe in relation to the level of pain, suffering, distress, or lasting harm they have the potential to cause. Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge (where your headquarters and animal lab are due to be built) supports an end, within an achievable timeframe, to the permitting of 'severe' suffering as defined in UK legislation.

Last year, how many procedures of each classification were carried out by AstraZeneca, or by third-parties on your behalf?"

Jenny D'netto asked:

"Continuing with outdated, unscientific and entirely unpredictive animal research might enrich your executives in the short run, but it puts human beings and your company's long term health at risk. The future of research is in things like computer modelling, DNA chips, microdosing and personalised medicine. A company as large as AstraZeneca should allocate a specific fund for moving away from primitive, outdated animal experiments.

Rather than award your CEO additional pay and bonuses at this time of crisis, why not set up a specific fund for the development of human-relevant, non-animal based methods of research?"

Luke Beevers asked:

"The cost of your HQ and animal lab in Cambridge has gone from £330m to over £1bn. You have missed deadline after deadline to construct it, you have had to change building companies and have become the target of a campaign of peaceful protest. Wouldn't that billion pounds have been better spent on cutting-edge, non-animal methods of research which are the future of biomedical science?"

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