You won’t get my vote again if you won’t pay Texas teachers!!

    A teacher in Texas who starts working at the age of 22 for state base pay ($28,080- don’t be misled by “average teacher pay”) must meet the rule of now 90 (age + experience) to retire. Assuming that teacher makes state base pay each year at their experience level will finish at 34 years, age 56 making state max pay ($45,510). (Most districts cap salaries at 20-25 years meaning no more money after said years) That works out to a retirement income of 5 highest salaries (averaged) X 0.023 X years of experience which works out to $30,355.17.

    Teachers are paid to work roughly 187 days each year (contracts are now being reworded to say 10 months, or 200 days, but pay has not increased). They are expected to work for free during the summer by attending professional development and preparing for the next school year. Their average workday during the school year is 12 hours and most devote weekend time to planning and grading.

    In addition, most districts arrange to pay teachers for a ten-month contract over 12 months. This creates a common misconception that teachers have paid vacation over the summer.
    Actually, the teachers are providing an interest-free loan to the districts and are paid back during the summer.
    Teachers are contractors who work from year to year, contract to contract, but are only able to write off $250 of their business expenses like classroom supplies, tissues & hand sanitizer, and snacks for hungry kids. (Just got taken away) The average teacher spends $500 and many spend $1000+ on their classroom annually - and as budgets are cut, teachers take up the slack.

    A Texas legislator must work for 8 years and can receive a pension at the age of 60 or 12 years and receive a pension at the age of 50. A Texas legislator who starts in the legislature (House) at the age of 22 has a pension based on the salary of a state judge ($158,000). If they stay in the legislature until the age of 51 they will receive a pension $105,386. Our legislators work roughly 70 days (140 days every other year).

    Something about this just doesn't seem right. This isn't even taking into account the insurance and other benefits and perks of being in the legislature.

    Solution: Any future increase for political representatives in Texas must be equal to that of Texas teachers and retirement benefits must match politicians by 2030.

    ****There are over 600,000 school district employees in the state. Let's work together to inform our community about what teachers do and need. Teachers are the foundation of All other jobs and careers.
    Family members of teachers - please share this because you witness what we do and take up the slack at home. (Or late hours at school with mom)
    We appreciate your support and patience because we couldn't do it without you.

    I support our teachers and futures of our Texas youth!!! Bring the best to Texas
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