End Global Warming & The Greenhouse Effect

     By becoming involved with this petition individuals may end Global Warming & thus the Greenhouse Effect will be in turn affected. A broader sense of awareness will appear & real fears can vanish once educated about the facts. Show your support before time becomes the battle!

     Highly classified governmental projects Brain Drain & the latest project, Alternative III were initiated out of a heightened awareness of a future Earth. The idea is to get off this planet while there's still time. Decades ago, drastic weather conditions occurred like massive droughts, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions & this led to a growing fear of a future Ice Age.

     Actual evidence exists that may be considered valuable to those with a need for the knowledge of the facts that do permeate within the highest branches of the US government. The committee of 300 is an elite brotherhood who are the only ones officially educated about Alternative III & are basically a chosen population. British Science Report broadcasted a show aired decades ago giving explicit details including evidence through an interview by former American astronaut, Mr. Bob Groagan. An unaltered, classified VHS record shows a series of uncensored facts including a massive cover-up.

     For the record, there was also a landing on Mars, dated the same occasion when Americans first landed on the moon. Surprise, when they landed there was life already there! Now, in 2011, after multiple atomic bombs were deployed, there even appears to be vegetation on a hidden side of Mars. An unspoken diplomacy between Russia & The US is clearly explained when an astronaut spoke to NASA at Houston's Mission Control & stated "Bravo Tango" twice then all went silent as most of Earth's inhabitants were apparently left out of what really happened out there.

     As Russia & The US ventured to Mars on the same day Neil Armstrong shared with the world that he could ride a bicycle on the moon there seemed to remain a hidden agenda! I am willing to make copies of the VHS tape for those interested in learning about the massive cover-up. I learned, through a series of classified codes, that a good public relations story is not only important but critical for survival!

: Google : : Betty & Barney Hill, the first report documented by the US Air Force of a dual amnesia in direct reference to an alien abduction. The facts don't lie. For kicks & grins, check out my Oath Of Office and let me know your input.

     Feel open to e-mail Gnat through United Pathos Productions website for relevant insight, concerns & questions regarding the most recent project, Alternative III. I was nominated by Congressman Lamar Smith to serve on the Business Advisory Council for the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) & I have upheld my membership since 2003. I feel it is my duty to provide FREE consultation to those who seek a certain knowledge I can share. Certain elite levels have calculated the demise of Earth, various cultures have predicted it & the likelihood that we are destroyed in a massive catastrophe remains a possibility within our immediate families lifetime. The truth is scary.

     My intentions are clearly self-evident. I do not expect to change much about the US government & I really don't expect to attain true world peace through this petition. I do intend to spread the facts, an awareness & eventually perhaps save the possible future inheritants of this planet, our children. I pray I live to see the day when truths are exposed so we can progress Earth intelligence as a united planet. I can suggest the unlikely exposure of the most prolific inventor to date: Mr. Nikola Tesla, an immigrant from Yugoslavia, that eventually became a US citizen & the actual inventor of the light bulb! He was even decorated by the US Supreme Court after his death commemorating his life & if alive, for his birthday. He would have been 95 years old. Tesla has more patents in his name than any inventor, ever! I do suggest that individuals read some of Tesla's words of wisdom to begin any or all future relationships.

     The unaltered, photographic image pictured here reflects THE TRUTH. It depicts a Moon Shuttle, a governmental craft, photographed in 1961 over Palms, CA. Notice, clearly, the segmentation of it's construction & archaic antennae that's utilized for balance through space travel. I can admit the facts are NOT far fetched but I assure you there are other beings beyond calculation who are watching, hearing the words & even the thoughts of humans. Ignorance is a disease & it spreads like wildfire!! Adults grow up soon & smell the coffee. The children need to know these specific or certain truths for a clear, concise & cohesive education that will not contradict things we are taught as children.

To: Environmentalists, Preservationists & anyone with a pulse
We the undersigned agree that there is a need to end Global Warming & thus, The Greenhouse Effect. Through group efforts this is a possibility!I am blessed with knowing about relative information that could save planet Earth & I intend to bring a balance to certain documentation through an initiative of global awareness. The creator of this petition offers critical information & FREE consultation on a level of relative & or immediate concern. I feel it is but only due to a sincere duty that I share the information I have learned with those of a mutual faith in a higher power, to those truly interested in saving planet Earth & those educated individuals who may treat this endeavor with the utmost care & integrity.Read an Oath Of Office written by Natalie See AIPP Program Blog Site: Contact Natalie re: inquiry of Alternative III project or for more brief of this project contact Natalie via her United Pathos Productions site.Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this initiative through reading this brief letter. Let us all be kind & excellent to each other!  If You change the way You look at things, the things You look at change.
Sincerely,The Petition Signers
Reference: 1973 Supreme Court case decision: San Antonio ISD vs. Rodriguez Legal Precedence was the outcome: Information is not just a right. Information is a privilege!
Update #11 years ago
My profile picture for the petition was removed mysteriously, not by my own action or accord.
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