Save 300,000 Seals from Mass Slaughter:Next Hunt March 2011

  • by: LorriWayne AOK 
  • recipient: Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, Right Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Animals Don't Have A Voice, They Need us to Give them One! Come on Canada, everyone, Now is the time to speak up!  Time is ticking, Next Hunt Spring 2011
Officials are looking for new markets for the fur of our seals since the EU Ban. They have vowed they will find one, we need to move fast!
We are making history Canada... of the most tragic slaughter of marine wildlife on this planet! Help Save our Seals and their Seal Pups !
I thought I grew up in a civilized and morally advanced country, until I saw what was taking place every year on our east coast.
There is nothing civilized about the shameful destruction and mutilation of hundreds of thousand helpless newborn Seal Pups and their parents in the commercial annual slaughter my country call a hunt !
Please take a few minutes & view the Informative video. It's not live footage from a hunt, but a look at the truth behind the hunt, the rules, cruel methods and sealers,the loss of these beautiful creatures, total numbers, contacts & the help involved to help us stop this.
You can slap the words "It's Our Heritage" on the end of any sentence it doesn't make it any less sadistic, morally acceptable or make it true! 
If it is true and it's something for this country to have pride in, out of all the "A MOMENT IN HISTORY" Canadian commercials displaying proud moments of our country.  Why is there not one reinacted about this??? We are Canada, We need to stop this!
Read Poem: Seal Pup Heaven

Mr. S.Harper, Office of the Prime Minister of Canada Ms. G.Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

Dear Mr. Harper and Ms. Shea;

As a concerned Canadian I write to you on behalf of the Seals, fellow Canadians and supporters around the world who share our plea.  We are a civilized and privileged country, a country that I know to hold values to be proud of.  For the lives of our seals and their pups, for the well being of our entire country and its people, we ask you to please stop the annual commercial seal hunt.   

The Seal Hunt is an annual massacre of one of the most beautiful and peaceful animals that we share our country with, in fact they were here long before us and have as much right to live in peace as we all do. Canada has worked hard to build relationships with the world and a reputation for the people that we truly are. The hunt misrepresents the true Canada. If we could look at ourselves through the eyes of the seals, the hundreds of thousands pups who are not given a chance to experience life and through the eyes of the rest of the world we look like savages. The hunt is cruel and leaves most feeling devestated, destructive and ashamed. Knowing that you have our countries best intentions in check, we ask for you to respectfully end the hunt.  We are resilient and we can find an alternative for the fishermen in the east coast. I Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and am optimistic to implimenting the end of the Seal Hunt and Fur export from Canada which will undoubtably bring positive results for us all. Seafood Boycott's and other products rejected by the world will surely be more devestating to this country in the long term.

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