For the purposes of the present petition, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.


Part I: Considerations

1)    Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) should, as defined in their legislation, respect and ensure the rights set forth in the QUÉBEC CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, and,


2)    Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) have not being respecting nor ensuring the intrinsic rights and freedoms set forth in the QUÉBEC CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, and,


3)    Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) and all their agents and representatives, have the duty to respect the dignity of human beings, equality of women and men, and recognition of their rights and freedoms to constitute the foundation of justice, liberty and peace, and,


4)    Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) and most of their agents and representatives, have not been upholding their duties but rather have been taking an active role in transforming a system designed to protect children into an organization that causes more harm that it prevents and destroys more children that it protects and traumatizes more parents than it supports, and,


5)    Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) have been disrespecting and ignoring the QUÉBEC CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS , enacted by Her Majesty, and


6)    Considering that every human being has the right to life, and to personal security, inviolability and freedom, and,


7)    Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) have the mandate to ensure that every human being within their system, whose life is in peril has a right to assistance, and,


8)    Considering that every human being is the possessor of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association, and,


9)    Considering that every human being has a right to the safeguard of his dignity, honour and reputation, and,


10) Considering the dignity, honour and reputation of parents involved with the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION)  are usually the first targets of DYP/DPJ agents, actors and their associated lawyers and magistrates, and,


11) Considering that a human being’s home is inviolable, and,


12) Considering that a warrant is the legal tool necessary to make entering a home lawful and legal, due to its requirements for being issued which requires evidence leading to certitude beyond reasonable doubt, and


13) Considering that a simple order given by a magistrate who does not issue a warrant, is dangerous and violates federal legislation, as well as common-law and is unconstitutional as anyone can create an untruthful story and mislead a magistrate who then orders armed peace officers to breach the peace by violating the right specified and guaranteed in s.7 of the QUÉBEC CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS


14) Considering that such an action committed by peace officers, on behalf of the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION), breaches s.1, s.4, s.5, s.6, s.7 & s.8 of the QUÉBEC CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, and,


15) Considering that s.10 of the QUÉBEC CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS specifies that “Every person has a right to full and equal recognition and exercise of his human rights and freedoms, without distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, colour, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age except as provided by law, religion, political convictions, language, ethnic or national origin, social condition, a handicap or the use of any means to palliate a handicap.”, and,


16) Considering that discrimination exists where such a distinction, exclusion or preference has the effect of nullifying or impairing such a right, and,


17) Considering that no one may harass a person on the basis of any ground mentioned in section 10,


18) Considering that it is not lawful, legal, logical nor moral for an administrative court de-facto to order peace officers to violate human rights by using manufactured evidence, perjury and false statements as motive or reason without a warrant, and that issuing a warrant under such circumstances would also be unlawful, illegal, illogical and immoral, and,


19) Considering that DYP/DPJ agents, actors and representatives use lies and half-truths in their sworn statements, which they are required by law to swear under oath, and


20) Considering that the agents, actors and representatives of the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION), allow themselves to violate these freedoms and rights on a daily basis using the lies, half-truths and false statements published by the DYP/DPJ agents, actors and representatives, and


21) Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) must respect and ensure the rights set forth within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to each child within their jurisdiction without discrimination of any kind, irrespective of the child’s or his or her parent’s or legal guardian’s race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national, ethnic or social origin, property, disability, birth or other status, and,


22) Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) have been found guilty by the people of Quebec to have discriminated on all these points, and



23) Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) should take all appropriate measures to ensure that the child is protected against ALL FORMS of discrimination or punishment on the basis of the status, activities, expressed opinions, or beliefs of the child’s parents, legal guardians, or family members, and,


24) Considering that the COURTS OF QUÉBEC (YOUTH DIVISION) discriminate on these bases in order to gain jurisdiction and to fool, manipulate and order innocent peace officers to commit Home Invasions, Armed Robberies and Kidnapping, and,


25) Considering that Peace Officers are trained to obey orders and do not understand legislation or the laws they are ordered to enforce,


26) Considering that the human beings getting paid to be Peace Officers, that commit these indictable offenses without warrants, trusting only a proven-to-be dysfunctional Youth Protection system, cause actual serious psychological damage and sometimes serious physical damage to their fellow people, and,


27) Considering that if a motive or incident is required to claim a possible future emotional or physical abuse is used by social workers to seize children. With no burden of proof required to seize and hold children, DYP/DPJ bureaucrats work closely with a corrupt justice system to attack and silence resistance, and to justify funding for expanding budgets, which breaches the peace and is in itself a criminal action and is in no way lawful nor in any jurisdiction can these actions be deemed DUE-PROCESS OF LAW, and,


28) Considering that Children seized are selected from parents considered vulnerable or naive - those least able to resist. Parents who have suffered accident, illness, separation, divorce, and those deemed marginal in lifestyle (home schoolers) are preferred targets, and,


29) Considering DPJ workers using a police escort arrive at homes or schools to seize children without warrants based off here-say, half-truths and lies. Naive parents are told that the children will be taken temporarily for evaluation, never to be returned. Court warrants are rubber stamped by court clerks without any proof presented. In many cases children are seized without warrants, through the use of document and signature fraud, and,


30) Considering parents who resist the seizure of their children are charged with assault. This is then presented to the courts as proof of their unsuitability as parents. Parents who do not resist are presented to courts as detached, uncaring, unloving and emotionally unfit, grounds used to institutionalize or forcibly adopt children, and,


31) Considering that Once children are in state custody, often in isolation cells, the inquisition and character assassination of parents in secret trials begins. With no burden of proof and with total impunity, collusion, corruption, fraud and psychological torture are systematically used to break parent child bonds, and create the distress used to justify the continued detention of children. Most children taken are never again released to birth parents. Parents and others who resist, including those working in the system, who attempt appeals, reveal corruption, or file complaints are intimidated, silenced, and subject to judicial and bureaucratic harassment, and,


32) Considering that the DYP/DPJ boasts of winning over 90% of their court cases. Years of secrecy and impunity have allowed the DPJ and judiciary to fashion a system of loopholes and illegal tricks to seize and hold children, and condemn parents without presenting any proof or without following due process, and,


33) Considering that children are represented by appointed lawyers they have never met, and often blocked from appearing in court. Children's wishes and interests are then misrepresented by their counsel, who in fact work for the state, and,


34) Considering that the appointed children's counsel are vetted by the DYP/DPJ and collude openly with and advocate for, the DYP/DPJ. Children, often held in isolation, are coerced into testifying against themselves and/or their parents, and,


35) Considering that attempts to provide children lawyers without DPJ ties from outside corrupt regions are blocked by lawyers collaborating with the DPJ, and,


36) Considering that children requesting legal counsel are blocked by social workers, directly, or by moving seized children 3-5 hours distance from their home jurisdiction. Legal aid lawyers in neither area will then contact the child, and,


37) Considering that appeals to higher courts, costing $5000-$10000 dollars to prepare, are refused by legal aid lawyers, denying poor parents or children the opportunity to challenge verbal accusations and allegations against them, and,


38) Considering that the normal burden of proof is reversed; Victims are forced to prove their innocence against verbal accusations and claims made with no corroboration or proof submitted. With no proof required for convictions, and with the collusion of the justice system, perjury and fraud by DYP/DPJ bureaucrats is commonplace, and,


39) Considering that access to court transcripts is often refused, denying parents and their lawyers the opportunity to prepare a defense or present appeals, and blocking civil suits and administrative action against the DYP/DPJ, judges and lawyers, and,


40) Considering that court transcripts, if released, are edited or erased to shield corrupt processes, and,


41) Considering that Parents, whose attempted legal actions are deemed troublesome, are simply banned from access to the legal system by lower and upper courts, and,


42) Considering that, using the threat of contempt of court charges punishable with imprisonment, parents and children are forbidden, for eternity, from revealing secret court proceedings (huit clos) . Ostensibly to protect the identities of children, the secret trial system serves to hide corruption and abuse by the DYP/DPJ, children's lawyers (vetted by the DYP/DPJ) and judges, and,


43) Considering that, in flagrant violation of the fundamental principals of justice, judges are in direct contact with DYP/DPJ directors outside of the courtroom. Judges who refuse to take orders from the DYP/DPJ bureaucracy are subject to harassment, pressure and complaints. (See the sacking of Judge Andrée Ruffo.)


44) Considering that accusations and charges against parents are presented on the morning of court appearances or during court sessions, intentionally denying parents the possibility of preparing a defense, challenging accusations or summoning witnesses and that documents are not sent to all parties at least 48 hours before the hearing date as required by law, and,


45) Considering that documents obtained through signature and document fraud are presented in court as evidence of parents' agreement and acceptance of decisions made unilaterally by the DYP/DPJ, and,


46) Considering that when children leave the system, DYP/DPJ files and notes are destroyed to impede investigations and block civil suits. For child witnesses to corruption and abuse every effort is made to keep them in the system until the age of 18 to prevent their testimony, and,


47) Considering that DYP/DPJ psychologists use childrens’ names to profile and condemn parents in the courts, and,


48) Considering that once children are in DYP/DPJ custody the judicial and financial resources of the state are unleashed with the intent of breaking family bonds, removing parental authority, and attacking the emotional and financial defenses of parents and children. The system and tactics are deliberately designed to provoke emotional and physical reactions in both children and parents, which are then used to justify DYP/DPJ intervention, and,


49) Considering that financial subsidies and income support, upon which the majority of Quebec families depend, are immediately cut off, forcing parents to move to smaller or cheaper lodging. Parents are then portrayed as unstable or unable to provide adequate lodging for children, and,


50) Considering that once in custody over 30 days (waiting for court etc.) or the school has begun, the DYP/DPJ will argue that the child is now stabilized and should not be returned to parents, and,


51) Considering that no evidence is required or presented for seizure of the children, the DYP/DPJ begins a well-rehearsed process of character assassination, a systemic violation of the Quebec and Canadian Charter of Rights and the U.N. Convention of the Rights of the Child, and,


52) Considering that physical intimidation is used to provoke parents and children. In court sessions, after months of no contact with children, DYP/DPJ workers will place themselves between parents and their young, denying any intimacy or opportunity to talk. Emotional reactions to provocation is presented as evidence of the unsuitability of parents and continued reclusion of children. Parents who obey the rules, remain unemotional and refuse their children's calls are portrayed as distant, uncaring and unworthy of caring for their children. If children behave while in custody, the DYP/DPJ will argue that they should not be disturbed and kept in custody. If children begin acting out because of emotional stress, deliberately provoked, they will then be held for further "treatment". The forced administration of potent drugs to "correct" the emotional states of children is standard practice. (Quebec is the Ritalin capital of Canada.), and,


53) Considering that the frequent tactic is to deny parents all contact with children for months or years at a time, directly or through family and friends. Any contact with distraught children is presented in the courts as evidence of disobedience and defiance of the court and/or the DYP/DPJ, grounds for further punishment and separation of children from parents, and,


54) Considering that Over 12000 DPJ social workers are used to process 70,000 child evaluations each year. The average DPJ worker is female, single and childless. The majority have no relevant formal qualifications in social work or child care. The completion of secondary school is the only firm requisite. New hires receive six days of training, and then given the powers and mandate to seize children. Computer software is provided to prepare court reports with the technical jargon of the trade, and,


55) Considering that with jobs and pensions for life, 37.5 hour work weeks, paid vacations, etc. conditions unmatched in the private sector, recruits are easy to find. Monday to Friday work weeks, from 9am to 5pm, insure that children held in custody receive no attention, services or parental visits for weeks, particularly during holidays or weekends during which children are held incommunicado. DYP/DPJ workers receive promotions based on their record of seizing children, and,


56) Considering that The DYP/DPJ operates with a budget approaching USD $650,000,000, increasing annually by 8- 10%. The judicial system operates with a USD budget of USD $520,000,000, with at least 50% allocated to children and family cases.(With the exception of large corporations and families, the justice system has been abandoned by the public, due to cost, complexity and an open bias in favor of bureaucrats. If awarded, damages rarely cover legal costs, even for the destruction of lives.), and,


57) Considering that parents seeking release of children pay millions in legal fees. Parents from whom children have been seized are forced to pay for the incarceration of children, while at the same time being denied contact. Judges in Quebec, numbering around 300, receive annual salaries over USD $200,000, and enjoy effective immunity from prosecution. In total, over USD $1,000,000,000 of public money is spent annually to institutionalize and forcibly adopt children in Quebec, and,


58) Considering that Authorities in Quebec seize more children than any western country, and,


59) Considering that DYP/DPJ bureaucrats operate without any oversight and, in open collusion with the judiciary, with effective immunity from criminal and civil charges. DPJ Regional Complaint Commissioners, to whom complaints must be directed, report directly to regional DYP/DPJ directors who prepare actions to silence and intimidate parents, and,


60) Considering that corrupt judges are protected by the Magistrates Council (Conseil de la Magistrature) who ignore and destroy proof of corruption submitted by victims, guaranteeing and encouraging reprisals by judges, and,



61) Considering that oversight committees such as the Rights Commission (Commission des Droits de la Personne et des Droits de la Jeunesse) are staffed by political appointees with direct links to the local judiciary and the DYP/DPJ, blocking complaints at the lower levels. Complaint actions can not be pursued concurrently as no office will rule while another office or court is deliberating. This insures that bureaucrats can stall investigations for years. Complaints reaching higher levels are acted upon only if there is sufficient media pressure, and,

62) Considering that Parents who register complaints are labeled uncooperative and subject to direct and immediate retaliation, in systematic contravention to natural law, the Quebec and Canadian Charter of Rights, the United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child, and,


63) Considering that Children are placed, deliberately and repeatedly, in the custody of guardians with known drug and alcohol problems. Children who develop drug dependencies, often as young as 10 years old, are then moved to locked detention centers, and,


64) Considering that Up to 12 children are kept in private homes, often in basements. Children are supervised by one or more single adults, often unmarried and the majority without any training or preparation. Drugs are easily accessible. Income earned from holding children provides a lucrative income, and,


65) Considering that children with (DYP/DPJ created) drug dependencies are refused detoxification services, and,


66) Considering that the status and condition of children is deliberately hidden from parents, and falsely presented to (and accepted by) the courts, and,


67) Considering that court judgments are ignored or interpreted at will by the DYP/DPJ, and,


68) Considering that The Charter rights and UN statutes regarding children's and parent's rights are systematically ignored, and,


69) Considering that all contact with children, direct or indirect through family or friends by any means, is denied for months or longer. When parents and children are sufficiently exhausted, financially and emotionally, parents will be offered occasional visits provided they give up the legal guard of their children. These children will then be listed as "abandoned", and the statistics used for DYP/DPJ propaganda, and,


70) Considering that parents are threatened by judges should they have contact with their children, and,


71) Considering that parents from whom children are seized are threatened with court action and forced to pay the state for children held in custody. (In the kafkaesque style of totalitarian governments, the seizure, institutionalization and abuse of children and parents is presented as a public service.), and,


72) Considering that document and signature fraud is used to expedite the seizure of thousands of children each year in Quebec. The simplest method is to call a meeting of parents, school teachers and the DYP/DPJ to evaluate a child's progress. A blank paper is presented to parents who are requested to sign as confirmation of attendance. Without parents' knowledge or consent, the signature page is then affixed to a DYP/DPJ document or report announcing decisions reached by the DYP/DPJ with parental "approval", and,


73) Considering that negative reports filed by the DYP/DPJ contain lies, half-truths and false allegation and are known to manufacture evidence, bribe witnesses and responsible for more injustice and harm in Quebec than drug dealers,


74) Considering that positive reports filed by the DYP/DPJ state that children situation might be getting better, when the reality is that the children suffered from post-traumatic depression induced by the force used by the magistrates, the crown and the DYP/DPJ working in association,


75) Considering that if left unchecked, this situation might develop into a bigger crisis that can be avoided.


76) Considering that, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.”, and,


77) Considering that administrative Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the province of Quebec are private corporations, bound by the law of the land, and,


78) Considering that the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) are legal fictions/corporations, and,


79) Considering that the DYP/DPJ and all associated companies are legal fictions/corporations,


80) Considering that the victims of said corporations are human beings with feeling hearts, thinking minds and pulsing spirits and of all ages, nationalities and religions, and,


81) Considering that the children of the World deserve protection from the injustice committed by DYP/DPJ and their employees and associates, and,


82) Considering that the Government of Quebec offer no logical legal means to find remedy within their system, and,


83) Considering that requests to be represented by an attorney is sometimes refused or ignored, and,


84) Considering that the Justice system is ultimately a failure, and


85) Considering that most employees of the Justice system participants are only acting, representing an act such as the youth protection act and are in reality nothing more than the people that they claim jurisdiction over and have no authority over anyone, unless the person consents to being governed and represented, and do not keep to their oaths, and,


86) Considering that judges, lawyers and attorneys, social workers only hold immunity within a legal fiction in which they all agree to play by and in no way does this force anyone on this planet to take part in their legal fiction’s jurisdiction, and,


87) Considering that any human being can create a legal fiction/corporation with a constitution, by-laws, and even an international criminal code with enough blessings to gather jurisdiction over any nation, state or province to intervene if the nation does not itself remedy a situation that causes harm and poses a threat to humanity or a portion thereof, and


88) Considering The Duplessis Orphans (French: les Orphelins de Duplessis) were the victims of a scheme in which several thousand orphaned children were falsely certified as mentally ill by the government of the province of Quebec, Canada, and confined to psychiatric institutions. and



89) Considering the lives of every parents and children that are forced into this dysfunctional system is at risk of severe psychologically traumatic experiences and spiritual neglect, and


90) Considering the lives and sanctity of every parent and child are effectively endangered by the DYP/DPJ well documented history of perjury, coercion and kidnapping, and


91) Considering the lives and sanctity of every parent and child are effectively endangered by the Youth Division Court’s incompetence to perceive the true intent behind the DYP/DPJ’s actions and reports which is rarely the best interest of the family and children, and


92) Considering the Government of Quebec demonstrate no clear intent to revise, correct, upgrade or logically improve and modify their Youth Protection System, and


93) Considering that the children and their parents have a right, and an urgent need to be protected from such a dysfunctional, harmful, misleading and deceiving Youth Protection System,


94) Considering that peace officers claim to hold no power to protect the people versus their employers and seem restricted and bound in slave-like servitude to the courts,


95) Considering that that the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA would sit idly by and let "agents of the state" destroy the lives of innocent children, their loving parents & their whole family "especially since FAMILIES are so very rare nowadays"


96) Considering that Stephen Harper the PRIME MINISTER of CANADA is allowing these things to continue.


97) Considering that the Supreme Court of Canada has already ruled against the DYP/DPJ and associated corporations such as BATSHAW, and


98) Considering that the Supreme Court of Canada has already overruled and reversed unlawful decisions made by magistrates in the province of Quebec who operated under the Youth Protection Act, and


99) Considering united human beings from across the planet do hold the power to protect the people here in Quebec, Canada, from the dysfunctional “Youth Protection” system, and


100) Considering that the peace must be protected at all times, and


101) Considering that any legislation that violates natural laws and causes severe harm to human beings is to be deemed unlawful regardless of local, provincial or federal legislation (Acts, Statutes, etc.)


102) Considering that the priority is the survival and protection of human beings and not that of legal entities/corporations.


103) Considering that The United Nations Convention on Organized Crime, Article 2 defines an "organized criminal group" as follows:"a group having "at least three members", who by association - "carry out an activity together"   for the purpose of committing a "serious crime" - with the intent of obtaining some type of "financial or other benefit ".  The group must have some internal organization or structure, and exist for some period of time before or after the actual commission of the offence(s) involved.


“(1) Batshaw has (according to Harley Schwartz - Batshaw Youth and Family Centers manager) .... approximately 2000 employees ( there are more than 3 people working there) ;

(2) Batshaw's activities are carried out in a uniform & structured way... meaning that everyone works towards the same goal ;

(3) Would it be a serious crime to be using archaeic PRIVACY LAWS to cover up and hide the USING of  CHILDREN as an EXCUSE to TARGET their PARENTS - eventually causing that same child, their parents and the entire FAMILY serious hardships" - this by committing "perjury" in court, "falsifying & altering provincially protected records/ documents at will", "causing an event to occur", "participating in and to the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and ....... the list goes on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ;

(4) If Batshaw acted as an "INITIAL / FIRST STAGE type "SCOUTING" -"RECRUITING" AGENCY this for a MUCH LARGER SCALE operation - where Batshaw would unjustly, immorally, unethically and perhaps maybe even criminally find and target children, parents and their entire families this by using  - QUEBEC YOUTH COURTS to trap (holding hostage) parents, children & their entire families into the "CPS"/ CHILD PROTECTION SYSTEM (by using our "INNOCENT & HELPLESS CHILDREN AS PAWNS IN A DEADLY GAME OF CHESS") justifying the Quebec Government to then budget and disperse (SPEND BILLIONS of $$$$$) towards services declared as needed by various other government & [government friendly] community PROVIDERS / AGENCIES called "THE WEB OF RECIPIENTS" (the list of those who may be  benefiting from this is humongous / extensively large and obviously very secretive) ;”



104) Considering that this qualifies and/or meets the requirements of a criminal organization as defined by article #2 of the United Nations Convention on Organized Crime.


105) Considering the following video evidence named: “Batshaw Youth & Family Center / "CPS" Employee - THREATENS TO KILL ME!” which can be streamed at or a backup of the video footage can be sent from any number of secure safekeeping backup location across the planet, in the event this video would be taken down from YouTube to protect the criminal actions of the DYP/DPJ. Further more considering the description which is testimony to all 104 points mentioned above and goes as follows, “On June 7th 2011 I'm peacefully demonstrating outside the Batshaw Youth and Family Centers (Child Protection Services / CPS/ DYP/ DPJ) located at 4515 St. Catherine Street west 514-935-6196, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - when I'm suddenly accosted (pushed, assaulted and my life is threatened) by a Batshaw Youth and Family Center "CPS" Employee - who says to me "I'LL F'ING KILL YOU" (this while PURSUING ME 20+ more FEET - physically attacking me) and then she responds "YES"... after I ask her if she is really going to kill me - all clearly heard on this video........... . WOULD YOU TRUST THIS BATSHAW WORKER ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR CHILD/ FAMILY?

Imagine... I'm only there demonstrating my discontent regarding the manner in which Batshaw appears to be administering my child's file (falsifying and altering Quebec provincial Government / protected documents/ records; fabricating evidence; committing perjury at the Youth Court by inventing / testifying about things that never ever happened) - (WHICH HAS THRUST ME AND MY BABY INTO A WORLD OF CHAOS AND HAS HAD THE EFFECT OF OBSTRUCTING ME FROM LOVING & BONDING WITH MY 16 MONTH OLD CHILD)... .

Everyone knows that Child/ Youth Protection is greatly needed in SOCIETY (this to protect the children) .... but to do so in a manner so as to blatantly disrespect Canadian Law and then cause serious grief to children, parents & families (by doing the exact opposite of what they are mandated by law to do)... seemingly because of a very big interest in PROFIT - vs - a very small and very limited interest in protecting any child? THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG.

This video clearly shows what little respect Batshaw / Youth Protection / DYP/ DPJ has for Human Rights, the Law and the very children & families they are legally mandated to provide AID - ASSISTANCE & COUNSELING to......



106) Considering the death of Rébecca Lévesque, 15 years old, on the 13th of February in a “Youth Protection” center in Lévis, Quebec, and,

 “Sa fille de 15 ans trouvée morte au Centre Jeunesse: les questions d'un père en deuil”

107) Considering that the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ corporations, and effectively everyone associated with them to conduct business and offer “Youth Protection” “Services” under a veil of well-rehearsed propaganda speeches, endanger the human rights of parents and CHILDREN, guaranteed by provincial, federal and international charters, and,


108) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ , is an undeniable threat to the safety and development of children in Quebec, Canada, and,


109) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ , is an undeniable threat to the province of Quebec, and,


110) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ , is an undeniable threat to nation of Canada, and,


111) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ , contravenes other functional and logical Provincial Acts & Statutes enacted by parliament and Her Majesty, The Queen, and


112) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ , contravenes other functional and logical Federal Acts & Statutes enacted by parliament and Her Majesty, The Queen, and


113) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the magistrates of the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) is a threat to the security, integrity and honor of the Crown Temple located in London, London, and


114) Considering that the current use of the Youth Protection Act by the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the DYP/DPJ , contravenes other functional and logical international Statutes enacted by the UN, which Canada is currently in contract with via treaties, and,


115) Considering the loyalty, integrity, sacrifices and dedication of Police officers from the province of Quebec (SQ) and municipalities are not in question and their service to community is respected, appreciated and supported, and,


116) Considering the loyalty, integrity, sacrifices and dedication of Federal Police officers (RCMP) from the country of Canada are not in question and their service to their communities is respected, appreciated and supported, and,


117) Considering the loyalty, integrity, sacrifices and dedication of soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces are not in question and their service to the nation is respected, appreciated and supported, and,


118) Considering the loyalty, integrity and dedication of the magistrates of the Superior Court of Montreal and the Appeal Court of Quebec are not in question and their service to their community is appreciated and supported,


  PART II: ADVISORY STATEMENTS                             

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Light, at this time, petitions the Provincial Government of Quebec:

1.    TO REPEAL the entire Youth Protection Act (R.S.Q., chapter P-34.1)

2.    TO REVERSE every judgment and order issued by magistrates under the Youth Protection Act  (R.S.Q., chapter P-34.1)

3.    TO LIBERATE AND RETURN all children to their biological parents, families and close friends to protect them and ensure their security and to ensure their development is no longer endangered and that they no longer suffer psychological ill-treatment at the hands of the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) or the DYP/DPJ employees, delegates and agents.

4.    TO CONDUCT a full investigation on every attorney that has operated under the Youth Protection Act and has done so in cases in the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and to prosecute any offenders in regards to any discovered violations of Federal Statutes.

5.    TO CONDUCT a full investigation on every magistrate that has operated under the Youth Protection Act and has done so by presiding over cases in the Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and to prosecute any offenders in regards to any discovered violations of Federal Statutes.

6.    TO SUSPEND all duties of every DYP/DPJ delegate, employee, agent.

7.    TO CANCEL all contracts with the DYP/DPJ, Foster parents, Group Homes, and Juvenile Detention centers and every other organization/corporation that benefit financially from the Youth Protection Act.

8.    TO NEVER AGAIN remove children from their families because of criminal actions their parents might be responsible for committing and that if ever children are endangered by provable criminal actions committed by one their parents, that the parents be charged under common-law jurisdiction and that the children never be “RESPONDENTS” in any case in any court in the province.

9.    TO APOLOGIZE to the hundreds of thousands (100,000+) of victims created by harm, trauma and damage inflicted by the Youth Protection Act, Courts of Quebec (Youth Division) and the Director of Youth Protection/Directeur de la Protection de la Jeunesse.

10.  TO APOLOGIZE to the hundreds of thousands (100,000+) of victims created by harm, trauma and damage inflicted by human beings in the common-law jurisdiction of Canada acting as Magistrates, Attorneys, Social Workers, Educators, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Evaluators, Delegates, Representatives, Agents, Directors and Supervisors.