Accountability of Indian Judges


Nagaraj.M.R. ,

Editor , e-Clarion of Dalit & e-Voice for Justice ,



MYSORE %u2013 570017.



Honorable Registrar-General,

Supreme Court Of India,

New Delhi.


Honorable Madam / Sir ,


Subject : Judicial Accountability in India


Kindly go through the following articles & provide justice by giving complete truthful information to us. Visit

Police are NOT Registering our Complaint against erring Public Servants , visit ,


The constitution of India has prescribed certain FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES to each citizens of India. It is the duty of every citizen to protect & uphold the dignity , honor of our democratic institutions , to protect our national integrity , to respect & protect the rights of
our fellow citizens. No constitutional authority has  the right to obstruct the discharge of these duties by citizens of India. No legal privileges of constitutional functionaries is superior over the FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES OF CITIZEN'S OF INDIA.

We need rights to perform our duties. Constitution of India has guaranteed those rights as FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS to all citizens of India & by birth itself everyone of us has secured HUMAN RIGHTS as individuals. To express ourselves , we need information , data feed back , to ascertain whether we are getting equal opportunity , whether we are getting equitable justice , etc , we need information . so ,
basically Right To Information  is an inalienable part of our fundamental rights & human rights. What RTI Act has done is fixed time limit , responsibilities of public servants up to  certain extent. However the citizen's fundamental right & human right to seek information extends far beyond the scope of RTI Act.

Hereby , e-voice  seeks complete  truthful information from supreme court of India , with respect to my RTI application appeal no : APPEAL NO. 91 / 2007. HEREBY , WE ARE ONLY SEEKING ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC SERVANTS  IN PUBLIC INTEREST & JUSTICE. Hereby ,  we at e- voice  request you to register this appeal as a PIL petition & to ascertain the stand of apex court on various matters raised in my RTI
Application , in public interest & equitable justice.The above stated public servants have failed to provide full
information to us ie e-voice  as per RTI Act , thereby  covering up the criminals. The requested information were no state secrets , no defense secrets but the accountability of above stated public offices. The information was requested  for public welfare , to secure
equitable justice to public , to stop corrupt practices in public service , in exercise  of my FUNDAMENTAL DUTY as a citizen of India. However  the above stated public servants preferred to violate law themselves & to protect the criminals.

The public servants & the government must be role models in law abiding acts , for others to emulate & follow. if a student makes a mistake it is excusable & can be corrected by the teacher. if the teacher himself makes a mistake , all  his students will do the same mistake. if a thief steals , he can be caught  , legally punished & reformed . if a police himself commits crime , many thieves go scot-
free under his patronage.  even if a police , public servant commits a crime , he can be legally prosecuted & justice can be sought by the aggrieved.

 just think , if a judge himself that too of apex court of the land himself commits crime - violations of RTI Act , constitutional rights & human rights of public  and obstructs the public from performing their constitutional fundamental duties , what happens ?

it gives a booster dose to the rich & mighty , those in power , criminals in public service to commit more crimes. that is exactly what is happening in india. the educated public must raise to the occasion & peacefully , democratically  must oppose this  criminalization of judiciary , public service. then alone , we can


Hereby , we do request the honorable supreme court of india to register this as a PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION APPLICATION & To order all public servants ,  constitutional functionaries to respect , abide by law themselves first , to register f police complaint against erring public servants and to legally prosecute them.  JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM.

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