The simple things to go green!

  • by: Eilish
  • target: The many nations of the world

 Our planet is something that we should all hold dear to us. There are many simple things to do to make the planet a little greener! Complete 5 or more of the tasks listed below, and then sign this petition saying how many tasks you completed. Example-"I have completed 7 of these tasks and I am proud to be signing this petition."

1. Change 1 of your regular light bulbs to a CFL. (Compact Flourecent Light bulb)

2. Plant a tree!

3. Purchase or make a compost bin.

4. Give home gardening a try! Pick a shady spot in your backyard or try container gardening!

5. Install a low-flow shower head.

6. Make your own cleaning supplies.

7. Turn down your AC a few degrees in hot climate and up a few degrees in colder climate.

8. Switch one appliance to an energy efficient model (look for the %u201Cenergy star%u201D label).

9. Wash FULL LOADS of laundry in cold water instead of hot.

10. Most stores are selling reusable shopping bags for under $1. Buy some and refuse to use plastic bags.

11. Turn off lights when you leave the room.

12. Fix leaky faucets.

13. Ditch the dryer and use a clothes line to dry laundry!

14. Use cloth napkins instead of paper.

15. Why use Paper when we have dishes? Save some money (and trees) and erase paper plates and cups from your grocery list!

Get involved!
To be extreme green, try a few of these tasks!

1. Take 1 day a week off to pick up litter in your neighborhood! You could even get a group together! The more the merrier!

2. Consider donating to a worthy cause. Most websites have a wish list!

3. Get a group of young people together and teach them the importance of being green.

4. Yard sales are great! But what happens to the after-sale leftovers? They are usually thrown out. Instead of tossing your un-sold items, donate them to a thrift store.

5. If you have kids, consider giving to terracycle! Terracycle takes old juice pouches and turns then into awsome school supplies! Visit for more info.

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