Speak against the ABUSE of Dairy Cows

A dairy cow's life is a continuous cycle of impregnation, birth, and milking to provide one thing only -- a constant supply of milk for human consumption and profit. She will be milked for 10 months out of the year, which include the time she is pregnant (seven months out of the nine-month pregnancies!!!). Two to three times a day, seven days a week, she will be attached to an electric milking machine, like just another cog in a factory. Then she will be returned to her cramped, narrow, concrete stall to do nothing but await the next milking.Within hours after giving birth, the cow's calf will be forcibly taken from her. Male calves will be sold for pet food, killed at just a few days old to make "bob veal", or raised for beef. Others will be auctioned to producers of "formula-fed veal". On veal farms, male calves are confined in tiny crates to restrict their movement in order to keep their muscles tender. They are fed an iron-deficient diet which causes severe anima but which keeps their flesh white, making it more valuable when they are sold for meat. Subjected to total sensory deprivation and stripped of any measure of joy, 20% of veal calves will die before even reaching the typical slaughtering age of 16 weeks.The female calves have it even worse. They will be confined in tiny stalls in preparation for their enslavement to the dairy industry. When they are old enough to be artificially inseminated, they will begin the drudgery of a dairy cow. Their mother will be promptly put back into intensive milk production, where she will remain at risk for numerous stress related illnesses, infections, and diseases, many of which can be fatal.A dairy cow will survive a mere four years of this cruel, hollow life, whereas under natural conditions, she might live up to 25 years. At the end of her days, when she can no longer keep up the demanded level of milk production, drained and exhausted, she will be packed onto a crowded truck for transport to her final destination -- the slaughterhouse. After a life of slavery and servitude, her retirement gift will be to end up like her fellow "food animals" -- on somebody's plate. All vegetarians, especially those who continue to drink milk while unwittingly clinging to the myth that it is benignly begotten, should be outraged to know that 40% of America's hamburger is made from "spent" dairy cows.

See this video featured on ABC news: http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=9660979

This kind of life is unimaginable and UNACCEPTABLE. We want to make USDA aware of this unnecessary abuse and want to request humane treatment of these poor beings, specially the downer cows who are treated as if they were dead- pushed out of trucks, lifted with machinery (like they cannot feel any pain), physically abused by factory workers! Such atrocities have to stop!!! Please sign this petition and help raise voice against this abuse.
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