Slowly and without knowing every working woman and man has been losing there work privelidged freedoms. There is no proof that good credit equals a good employee not 1 single shred of evidence to prove this. However it has become policy in our country to do a credit check on employees. I was denied a job with the city of coral gables, FL for 911 dispatch due to bad credit, regardless of the fact that i have years of phone experience among other skills that made me a perfect candidate for this job, they didnt even bother to check my references and all the good thinsg my previous employers have to say about me. Im one if not the most hard working, always on time, strive to be the best, employee anyone could care to have but none of that matters if your credit is bad. How does that make sense? IT DOESNT the job i had applied to has a HUGE turn around of people getting fired or quitting keep in mind these are people who had good credit. Doest that make sense? NO this is just another way that the banks and credit card companies have taken over our lives by enforcing this absurd policy that good credit equals a good employee its a LIE they have no proof to back this up it keeps poor people poor and down. How did i get bad credit like millions of americans i lost my job and living paycheck to paycheck means i couldnt afford to pay credit cards anymore i had to pay for food and shelter like millions of us do. This country doesnt want us to be individuals they want us to be slaves to credit card debt until the day we die THAT IS A FACT. I dont know a single person who having the money to pay there credit cards would stop paying for no reason, i stopped paying because it was either pay the credit cards or pay for food and shelter and now i, like many americans am being persecuted and denied employment due to credit. It is unfair and MUST STOP please sign my petition this is of grand importance we need to fight back and take our country and government back the times of credit card companies and banks running our lives is over. Or we will all be left on the street without a place to call home.
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