Random Drug and Alcohol Screening for Representatives and Those Receiving Federal Funds.

This petition will serve to form/introduce a bill for the 112th Congress to bring to the floor. It has been brought to the Public's attention that Republican members of the 112th Congress , along with Democrat support, there is a rider which requests Drug Screening for Unemployment recipients.
The undersigned, agree with the rationale presented in summary speeches in support of the measure, and introduce such,as support and evidence to expand the measure. That rationale being summarized: " that  "Any" recipient of Federal funds must be willing to submit to drug testing. "  However, We, the undersigned also believe that the scope of Federal fund recipients is sharply limited though it's intent is admirable. Therefore, the undersigned believe and assert, that "All" receiving: Federal funds, or Federal Salaries ( Congress and Senate) sign an immediate waiver of rights and voluntary submission to a: Random Drug and Alcohol Screening, by randomly assigned Medical doctor or Department of Justice Employees.
That most particularly, Congress and Senate members be tested prior to entering, or returning to the " House" where legislative actions and voting takes place.
Though there is a similar basis as in the Unemployed random drug Testing, Thus being stated: Not to harass a class of workers, but to enhance their Job prospects and the Quality of their Job related skills, performance and acumen." The undersigned suggests and recommends that there is probably, No more important a need for " unimpeded" decision making, Than when drafting and creating legislation.
There is ample evidence that perhaps there exists a lack of discretion, when on break from a legislative session. To Wit, Recent DWI Arrest of FAA Chief Randy Babbit. This particular incident is embarassing and presents a negative public light on a Federal Department's ability to function responsibly in the public forum.
Being, it so, That Representatives receive a generous Federal Salary, Mandatory and Random Drug/Alcohol testing of those receiving said Salary and Federal Money would increase the Public's trust that such a class of workers is not impaired mentally when performing Duties which have the ramification of creating law.
This petition and Bill should be not limited to Congress and Senate, It should also apply to all Federal Department Heads, FAA, DOJ, CIA... as well as those who were assisted by " Bail-out funds".  It is imperative, that the public be made aware of any recipient of public funds is not engaged in illicit drug activity,  and or abuse or overuse of prescription drugs, Alcohol should be included, as It may impair the judgement and skills of those Federal fund recipients, and Positive results should result in suspension from their receiving Public Federal Funding.
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