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You know that the Steller Sea-Lion is a protected species don't you ?, Then why are there100's of Steller Sea-Lions being murdered every year even though its illegal.. I will tell you why its because of human GREED, these poor animals have been found starving on Islands because of man's over fishing all in the name of money (greed).  
Fishermen say they are pests and have called them the competition when it comes to fishing, The ocean is their supermarket not ours, they are not the competition and they are pests.... WE are the PESTS... We need regulations on weights and over fishing, We need long prison sentences for those who murder these beautiful animals. We must stand for them, for is we don't who will ?.. 
Steller sea-lion numbers have declined because of accidental capture in fishnets, loss of food source to fishermen, and hunting. 100's are shot each year by fishermen who consider them competition or pests to the fishing industry. This species is now legally protected by the United States, and intentional killing of any Steller sea-lion is prohibited.We must make sure that when something is protected its stays protected...With respect always, James Howie...
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