STOP C.A.F.O'S!!!!!!!!!!!! (confined animal feeding operations)

C.A.F.O's  are buildings that animals live in under horrific conditions such as being crammed in tiny cages inhumanely, prodded with electric poles, and living their whole lives stuffed in with a few other thousand animals. Besides the torture and uncomfortable standards, the animals are fed scraps of other dead animals that died of disease, or some sort of sickness. Pigs are highly social, affectionate and intelligent animals, and suffer both physically and emotionally when they are confined in tiny cages where they cannot even turn around. Many pigs become crazy with boredom and develop vices like mouthing, and nervous ticks; others are driven to fighting and cannibalism because of their frustration. They are born and raised inside buildings that have automated water, feed and waste removal. They don't see daylight until they are shipped for slaughter, which is an extremely inhumane practice. Dust, dirt and toxic gases from the pigs' waste create an unsanitary environment that encourages the onset of a number of diseases and illnesses, including pneumonia, cholera, dysentery and trichinosis. The animals' toxic waste (because of the farmers' non environmental practices, and because of the HUGE numbers of animals in one confinement) gets into nature's waters and pollutes everyone and everything from deer who drink out of the streams and ponds to the honey bees who supply everyone in the world with food! We need to stop C.A.F.O's from permenantly ruining our planet, and torturing the helpless animals in it.
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