Stop Internet Sites from Promoting and Selling Dogfighting Equipment make it illegal !

  • by: lightsofthevalley
  • recipient: Jose RodriguezFounder: PuppyProfits.comOwner/trainer: Midwest Light Middle Weight Division, Canine Sport Fighting Champion - Smuckers.
I found this email with a site that promotes and sells dogfighting equipment and explains how to get started to make a profit.  I emailed this place and to my surprise I received a email back from this person.  I told him in my email that I was sending his site to the newspapers, feds, hsus and anyone that would listen and this is his response:I don't believe you. Who did you actually send it to? Law enforcement won't touch us, they already investigated and know we're outside their reach. Animal groups are just groups, they don't actually DO anything. News though, there you might stand a chance... if you're a media mogul! Do you think the evening news cares enough to do an expose on us? Do you think the newspaper is going to actually take the time?

But seriously, you tell me WHO you wrote to and I'll believe you. Otherwise it's just bad words and venting, and if that's what you need to do to feel better about yourself, I'll understand.

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 2:41 AM, <> wrote:

Hello Puppy Profits B.V. Ltd,

I am inserting the website where they have pictures of dogfights and comments from some of their customers....please is there anyway to track them down and possibly stop them.  It hurts me so bad to think of all the poor innocent dogs that are out there sitting in a pen or tied to a chain that are going to thrown into a dog fight any minute.......This person sounds like a real jerk with no compassion at all and as he stated he has already been investigated but maybe if you guys can track him down you can do something.  Please let me know and I am still going to keep sending out this website possibly to bring alot of bad rap back to him!!!!!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!   and click on Promoting Dog Fighting In Your Neighborhoods

I sent this to PETA and this is their response, I still want this internet site SHUT DOWN!!!!!!

Thank you for contacting PETA about

Information about this Web site has been passed along to the appropriate staffers here, but it is apparently a hoax perptrated by a supposed "comedy" site. Since hoax Web sites are created by people who are desperate to attract attention-even negative attention-to themselves, the most effective way to discourage them is to avoid visiting their sites or giving them undue publicity. To learn more about actions you can take in response to Web sites depicting cruelty to animals, see

While this site may be fake, the problem of dogs and other animals forced to fight to the death for human entertainment is all too real ( We encourage you to urge your local, state, and federal representatives

( to introduce bills that would increase the penalties for people who organize and/or attend dogfights-for letter-writing tips, visit

If you suspect that animal fighting is taking place in your area, please contact your local animal control or police department right away. For guidelines on reporting cruelty to animals, see, and to learn about more ways to protect dogs and other animals from abuse and neglect, go to <> .

Thanks again for writing and for everything you do for animals!


"We the Undersigned" find your website to be wrong, immoral and inhumane. we will take action to whomever nneded to shut down this site for promoting animal cruelty.. Dogfighting is illegal in the United States of America and you should not promote this on a website.  We want you to shut this site down or reep the consequences for you actions.

Thank You for your time!

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