Sign to STOP Live Animal Skining in China!

  • by: Tarah Morahan
  • target: The Government of the Peoples Republic of China

Please take the time to read the below information and to sign the petition to put an end to the LIVE skinning of dogs, cats and other animals in China.

2,000,000 cats and dogs are sadistically skinned alive every year in China for their fur and left to die slowly in shock and excruciating pain.
This is probably the worst case of mass cruelty inflicted on helpless animals in the history of our so called civilized world. 2,000,000 cats and dogs skinned alive every year translates to 5,479 per day or 228 helpless animals suffering this unimaginable horror every hour of every day of every year, year after year.

For further information or to view the video of the skinning practice taking place, please visit

Please note that the video is very graphic and disturbing.
We the undersigned

Urge that you introduce the following:

1. Make it illegal to slaughter cats, dogs and other animals by skinning them alive for their fur

2. Protect all animals against mistreatment and cruelty of any nature

3. Ban the export from China of cat and dog fur and any products containing cat or dog fur

4. Ban cat and dog fur from being used wholly or partly in the
manufacture of products in China

5. Introduce severe penalties to enforce the legislation

We cannot stand that such loving creatures, mans best friend, are being treated so terribly. Millions of people around the World are cat and dog owners. Dogs & cats are not just animals to us, they are friends, and they have so much trust and love in people, trust in their owners.
They deserve rights and to be shown love. That goes for any kind of dog, whether its a racoon dog, and other kinds of animals...

You, as the Government of China, have the power to end this once and for all and to let our voices be heard.

Please consider this, please hear our voices.

We thank you for taking the time to read this, it means so much.
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