Support for Arizona's New Immigration Law

We are one of the only countries in the world who can't seem to control who crosses our borders. I believe Washington doesn't CARE who crosses and they also don't care what impact these illegal intruders have on our citizens, social programs, schools, healthcare facilities, natural resources, infrastructure, businesses and economy.  

These are people who have absolutely NO respect for you, me, our country or our way of life.  They are uneducated, unskilled, disloyal, dishonest and a threat to our great nation.  They refuse to assimilate,  refuse to play by the rules, refuse to make any kind of meaningful contribution,  they do not benefit us in any way,  they abuse our system every way they possibly can, the drain money from our economy to send to other countries and avoid paying taxes on any of it as well.  

Because they are cheap labor, they artificially lower the price of our commodities but those imagined savings are cleverly "hidden" elsewhere throughout our economy in higher taxes, healthcare costs, utility costs, educational costs, infrastructure costs and the list goes on and on.  These people steal jobs from Americans who need work.  It's a fallacy that American's will not do such "low paying" work. The only reason the work is "low paying" is that employers take advantage of people who will work for pennies on the dollar so that they won't have to pay a FAIR and DECENT wage to American workers. This artificially lowers wages. If employers don't have an illegal pool from which to hire workers and are forced to hire Americans to fill their jobs they will also be FORCED to comply with labor laws and offer that FAIR and DECENT wage which will attract hundreds of thousands from the unemployment  and welfare rolls. 

Illegal immigrants are dangerous to our society. They promote lawlessness,  they create legal liability for citizens and businesses, they lower our standard of living,  they destroy our countryside and our cities and create more poverty, illiteracy and are an extra burden on every available system in the US, at taxpayer expense.

If you're sick and tired of footing the bill to see your country being turned into a 3rd world country overrun by people who disrespect and disparage our laws, Constitution and Gov't Institutions.. Please sign this petition and pass it on to anyone and everyone you know.

These intruders/invaders need to be STOPPED.  Employers and those who aid and abet these criminals must be PUNISHED,  our borders MUST be secured and anyone here ILLEGALLY needs to be immediately DEPORTED. 
We must encourage all other 49 states to support Arizona and adopt similar laws of their own.  YOUR VOICES  CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
We, the undersigned,  as legal citizens of the United States of America respectfully  demand that government enforce and improve the current Federal immigration laws that are already on the books.  When individual states have to take over the duties of the Federal Gov't in order to protect their own citizens, something is seriously wrong.  It is imperative to the health and welfare of this nation and its citizens that illegal immigration be curtailed, immediately and that all loopholes be closed, including the erroneous loophole that allows illegal immigrants to drop anchor babies on our native soil. This is nothing more than a way to encroach upon and threaten our sovereignty and destroy the very fabric of this great nation that was built upon the sweat and toil of  those who were born here and those immigrated to this country LEGALLY.
    We are urging you to uphold the law and make new laws more explicit and to invoke harsher penalties for breaking/violating such laws. We plead with you not to consider giving amnesty to those who do not respect our nation, it's laws, our language, our culture and our traditions. I hope we can count on our government officials to do what's right for AMERICAN CITIZENS... not businesses, or lobbyists, special interest groups or illegal invaders. Our nation's safety and welfare and that of it's LEGAL CITIZENS is in your hands. 
We thank you for your consideration in this most important matter.
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