Hi I am a mother of three beautiful children, last November my happy little family fell into a world of despair. No one wants to believe that their child could ever become a victim to a pedophile , I mean I am a hands on mother, knowing where my children are at all times and knowing what my children are doing at all times, at least I thought I did. Then to only discover that when in the care of not a stranger but the one other person in your Childs life who I thought was, next to me one of the safest person for my child to be with, her father. Sadly enough this was not the case, all along when I though my innocent little ones were being well cared for this man was doing the unthinkable. I now have been fighting to protect my children from this man for almost a year, If I was to tell everything that I have had to endure up until now you would be shocked!!! or maybe not? It is an absolute joke what a mother has to do!!! just to protect her children!!! I understand that there has been wrongly accused individuals but this is not the case. I mean what’s a mother to do when her child who is only four years of age comes forward disclosing sexual abuse!!! Then not only one child but then another. You do what society expects you to do , and that is to protect! but when you do, expect to go through hell doing so! People this has to stop !!! We the people can make a change we need to come together and make this world a safer place for our children to grow. I will make a difference please join me at doing so. LAWS NEED TO CHANGE AND WE CAN MAKE THESE CHANGES. After all children have rights , or do they? these little voices need to be heard.
thank you
A mothers Love

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