Worldwide Petition to End Animal Cruelty, Be a Voice for those without a Voice!

This is a Worldwide Petition. To show All governmental bodies, how many people are truly interested in change.  How many people are saying Enough is Enough.  And are willing to Stand Up for the Animals!  And be a voice for those without a voice!

We now live in the 21st century.  And it is time for change!

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We the people of this world from all walks of life, unite on this day, 8th of October 2011, to stand here in mourning of all the animals killed in this world.

We are people from all countries, beliefs, races, religions and yet ALL have one thing in common: our love and compassion for a species other than our own.

The compassion we share for these animals makes us a more compassionate people in general.

I ask you, "What kind of person can commit such heinous atrocities to another living being, while it screams in pain and fright, and still they persist?"

Whether it be greed or psychosis: it must stop NOW!
And our world will be a much better place for it, OVERALL!

 - Today as we stand together, as one people, one world,
 - divided by invisible boundaries and politics,
 - we commit to you this day that we expect the following changes to be made,
 - and that we will relentlessly persist until each horror has ended.

We will no longer tolerate the following:

 - Fur Farms
Are to be banned entirely! Wearing Fur is NOT a necessity nor a Luxury! If fashion industries need to make money, they can do so with materials that "Harm None".

 - Vivisection/Animals in Laboratories
Is to be banned entirely! Once again, this is something that is no longer necessary. If testing needs to be done there are now Alternative methods much more accurate than the Insane & Barbaric torture tests animals are put through.  If you rely on Income, that comes from inflicting pain and cruelly harming and/or killing another living being. Then you do not deserve to earn this money. As scientists, it is now time to step into the 21st century and Get with the Program, using these Alternative methods.  Or find another line of work!

 - Animals in Captivity/Entertainment
This is to be banned entirely! It is ENTIRELY unnecessary! We will no longer tolerate animals being kept for the sheer amusement and entertainment of human beings. There is no need to treat animals this way. If you wish to Watch, Research or See animals, then do so in their natural environments.  Eco tourism is now a much more humane way of doing this.  This includes all of the following:
 - Marine parks, Aquariums, Dolphinariums, Swim with the dolphin programs
 - Zoos (should be turned into Animal Sanctuaries)
 - Circuses (may not longer use animals as an attraction.)
 - Dog racing, Horse racing, Rodeos, Bull Fighting.
 - Breeding animals for Captivity.
 - And any other animal issue, that is for the sheer entertainment of human beings.

 - Animal Crush Videos
Extremely strict laws against creating, displaying, trading, selling, or making of such videos or photos, in any way shape or form. Harsh penalties, jail time and fines.

 - Homeless Animals
There needs to be more education and awareness. This problem stems from those who own pets and do not get the Spayed or Neutered. Then either let them run around outside unattended or cruelly kick them out of their home to fend for themselves in the streets. Laws need to be in place. No animal should be allowed to roam unattended. Kicking a pet out of it's home, should be considered a crime punishable by law. Education needs to be put in place, to make people aware of the need to have their pets spayed or neutered, or do not let them outside.

 - Breed restriction laws
Need to be changed. It is not the Animals fault, but the "Person" who either abused or trained the animal to be mean. The owners should be prosecuted for doing such a thing to an animal, thereby not only hurting the animal, but creating a threat to society. The animals should be taken away from said owners, and given to an animal welfare agency where he/she can receive the help they need.

 - Breeders / Puppy Mills
Given the number of homeless animals all around the world. Both should be shut down completely and be against the law. It is totally unnecessary and irresponsible to be bringing more animals into this world, where there are already so many without a home.

 - Seal Slaughter
End it completely! Not only are the methods entirely inhumane, cruel and barbaric. This too is completely unnecessary!

 - Dolphin Slaughter
End it completely!  Yet another cruel, barbaric, inhumane action on the part of human beings. This too is completely unnecessary. Not for food, nor captivity! Again, Eco-tourism would be the way to go with this, for economic reasons.

 - Shark Finning
Banned completely!  At the rate these people are killing off the sharks there will be none left. Another cruel, inhumane action that is entirely unnecessary. All for what! SOUP! With all the choices of soup we have in this world, no one is going to miss Shark Fin!

 - Hunting
Here, we have something that is so Very unnecessary it is pathetic! Killing for Sport!
Then having the animal given to taxidermist so as to hang it's Head as a trophy on the wall! What kind of people do we want to consider ourselves? How many centuries do we have to go before we realize, KILLING is NOT a SPORT! And should be against the law, no matter what the species.

 - Bear Bile Farming
Banned completely! Against the Law! Here we have something that is not even effective. Yet once again, people are brainwashed into believing this actually works, all by big money companies whose interest is only in the almighty dollar!

 - Whaling
End it completely.  There is absolutely NO reason to be killing the Whales!

 - Euthanasia / Culling
Banned completely! Killing an animal, because a human being says there are too many is morally wrong! If there is a need for population control. Then we need to enact the same rules we will be applying for the homeless cats/dogs. TNR. This covers ALL Animals being killed in this way.  ie.. Aerial gunning of wolves, kangaroos, deer, wild horses, feral cats, stray dogs. The KILLING will now STOP!

 - Factory Farms
This is an industry that needs to be shut down completely. You are polluting our waterways and our crops. Hence, the vegetable products e-coli and salmonella contaminations. As well as the absolute heinous torture and cruelty inflicted on these animals.  And in this case, again, out of greed for the almighty dollar. Meat is Not good for the human body. And it's about time people are made aware of the lies we have been fed for centuries.

 - Animals Used "In" Cosmetics
Banned completely!  Any cosmetic, perfume or any product. A law must be created to make this action Illegal.

 - Undercover Videos
There will be no laws prohibiting animal welfare people from video taping, showing videos or photos of the crimes and atrocities comitted against animals! It amazes me that this even needs to be said. However is the truth. Governments, more interested in their political votes, or bribed with money. Are actually creating laws to Protect the Abusers! The Corruption needs to End! Now!

 - Buncher / Class B Dealers
There will be a Law created to ban such activity. Punishable by Fine and Jail time. Since there will no longer be a need for animals in puppy mills, breeding or experimentation.

In Summary. Animals are not here on this planet for our use! In any way shape or form, period!  Laws will be created for all of the above!

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