World Leaders: Please Become More Eco-Friendly and Ethical!!!

I am a vegan, and an animal rights advocate. I also care about the environment. However, many, many people are un-eco-friendly. Humans destroy the rainforests, other natural habitat, drive animals to extinction, pollute the air and water, litter the countryside and seas, farm animals (which, if I'm right, is responsible for a LOT of environmental devastation. Apparently, 80% of Amazon Rainforest destruction is to do with cattle ranching.), farm non-organically, use pesticides, herbicides, poison "pests" (which is cruel to the so-called "pests" and also bad for the other wildlife who can eat them and also get poisoned), drive unnecessarily and chop down trees (please, don't cut them down unnecessarily, no matter how much you may want to. Trees make fresh air through photosynthesis, and also provide homes for animals. Next time you want to cut down a tree just because it bothers you or just out of greed for money, remember that you could be destroying the home of fluffy squirrels, birds and bugs). This is absolutely wrong. Humans' greed, selfishness, lack of care and destruction could bring about the end of humanity and many, many other animals. You may call me a treehugger, but many of you are the ones doing the damage. Some governments and world leaders (Prime Ministers, Presidents, company leaders, Royalty, etc.) may say that they do their bit to help the environment, but the unnecessary destruction of the environment is still going on, big-scale. "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not." Dr Seuss, "The Lorax".
Here are some things that I would like to see implemented by the Governments, company leaders and other world leaders of this poor planet:
1. Ban the unnecessary, deliberate destruction of trees and implement hefty fines and, perhaps, humane prison sentences for those who destroy trees deliberately and unnecessarily. This includes Councils, Governments, homeowners, companies and all others. Trees make fresh air through photosynthesis and provide homes for animals, as I wrote before. They also provide jobs and food for people, not to mention enjoyment and a positive magic connection to nature, and happy memories. They need protection NOW.
2. Require everyone to go vegan, or require everyone to reduce their meat consumption, promote veganism and/or invest more time and money into developing eco-friendly, ethical lab-grown meat that doesn't have unnecessary violence to any sentient being, and promote/require all meat sold to be lab-grown with no unnecessary violence and either no environmental/habitat devastation or just minimise the environmental/habitat destruction as much as possible.
3. Require all foods and drinks to be organic when possible.
4. Require everything that can be recycled to be recycled whenever possible.
5. Kindly encourage more people to use their cars less, and promote the use of bicycles, trikes and walking instead (walking and cycling are better for you anyway).
6. Ban all unnecessary animal experimentation and testing.
7. Ban all unnecessary animal abuse in circuses.
8. Ban all bee-killing pesticides.
9. Require all companies, businesses and individuals to reduce their use and consumption of plastic, or go plastic-free. Also, require any plastics still used to be recycled whenever possible.
10. Ban littering, strengthen existing laws and enforce them better, and make the penalties for littering more severe.
11. Ban all deliberate unnecessary violence towards all sentient beings, including humans, other mammals, birds, insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, fish, worms, snails, supernaturals and extra-terrestrials. All sentient beings, be they human or non-human, big, small, medium, furry, scaly, hairy, smooth, slimey, feathery or otherwise, living, undead or spiritual, all deserve a right to be loved, treated with kindness and compassion and not killed unnecessarily.
Thank you to the moon and back for this and for all the good you do, will do and have ever done.
May the targets, the signers, sharers, viewers and all other sentient beings be perfectly well, healthy, happy and safe forever.
Have the best day and night ever!

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