support puppy mill initiative in vernon bc

Puppy mills and backyard breeders torture dogs, cats and rabbits into breeding endlessly to make big profits for sick and criminal breeders. These animals live in dark, wire cages for their whole lives with no heat in the winter and no cooling in the summer. Animals die literally freezing to death or from heat stroke. These animals are emaciated fom starvation and only sporadically recieve water. They never touch the ground nor ever see daylight or the sun. The wire mesh cause severe bleeding sores and infections on the bottoms of their feet. These animals are constantly bred and kept pregnant again and again their entire lives. Some of the mothers will kill their babies so that they never have to suffer this horrific torture that the mothers are forced to suffer day after day after day These puppy mill and backyard breeders are violent and greedy sociopaths who have no conscience. All they care about is fattening their back accounts at the expense of torturing and tormenting animals. Puppy mills and backyard breeders are some of the most horrific crimes against animals and it is happening all over this world.
There is a puppy mill initiative that was presented in Vernon, BC Canada on january 14, 2013 before city council asking them to pass a bylaw that would ban anyone from selling animals bred in puppy mills or backyard breeders from any place within city limits including but not limited to pet shops, flea markets, selling in front of shops like superstore or walmart, selling to individuals in their homes. or anywhere within city limits.
Please contact Vernon City Council  and tell them to vote to enact this bylaw on january 28th when the vote will be taken by council members and the mayor.
the email address is and on the subject bar it must say "foward to Mayor and All Council members" to ensure that it gets fowarded. or you can call city hall by phone at 250 545 1361
Please everyone write or call in. WE MUST STOP PUPPY MILLS AND BACKYARD BREEDERS. Animals are not commodities, they are living, breathing, feeling people with hopes and dreams and desires for their lives. All Animals deserve to live free, healthy, loved and cared for. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PUPPY MILL INITATIVE BY WRITING TO VERNON COUNCIL ENCOURAGING THEM TO VOTE UNANIMOUSLY TO APPROVE THIS INITIATIVE

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