- Kratom Unity Association #KratomUnite

To the senior tier of the Kratom industry:
We have all seen over the past few weeks an up-tick in FDA aggression towards the Kratom industry. An as usual, the existing organizations continue to attempt to respond to government institutions who will proceed as they wish regardless of protest and outrage.
After our organization (CGI) was contacted by several friends in your industry, the wanting for a solution became the point of our conversation. Through our 25 plus years of experience by way of marketing, branding and oversight with organizations, associations as well as the government, a best-practices solution was the obvious one, an actual Trade Association for the Kratom Industry.
Again, after speaking with several of you, we have heard the argument that this has been attempted by your community but with little success. We at CGI believe that it is in those attempts of the past, that we can collectively find our future. After reviewing the past constructs, we propose the following: The Kratom Unity Association or the KUA:
We formerly propose to each of you here today that the KUA should be formed and supported by you, the industries' top tier providers and advocates to speak for the industry in ONE Voice; but the success ingredient is that while the industry will guide the association, it will be controlled by non-industry executives (CGI) to promote transparency as well as a willingness to work with the government to create a safe and standardized importation, manufacturing and retail distribution of Kratom to the public free from bias or preference to any particular brand, or outlet so that the industry as whole can progress and benefit.
The KUA will be committed to assisting its members and organizations to adhere to a system of guidelines, practices, and procedures by which the industry shall be directed, controlled and enforced. The KUA will educate its members and help create policies to find a balance between the interests of the company's many stakeholders; including shareholders, management, providers, government and the public. This along with constant media influence providing more factual information on Kratom will result in increased consumer confidence and industry wide increased sales.
Once these standards are being enforced by KUA members, it is now time to peruse talks with government organizations such as the FDA SHOWING them ACUTUAL internal enforcement of our guidelines, practices and accountability which is the ONLY way any dialogue can be initiated in this arena.
The KUA agrees with the FDA when they seize non-tested products; packaged in unclean facilities & terminate operators who sell Kratom soiled in benzene, containing impurities, synthetics, and other adulterated compounds. The KUA also emphatically endorses when the FDA shuts down retailers and others who make outlandish medical and pharmaceutical claims which endanger the public; as well as damage the reputation of the industry, all in an effort to make a quick buck. As much as the FDA is in constant motion to tell the Kratom Industry what it is we can't do, the KUA will reach across the aisle in the hope of working with the FDA to help us better define what we can do to promote a safer, more regulated environment.
And while we appreciate that there are so-called “small” factions of associations out there that have supported the Kratom initiative in the past in regards to consumers; a new beginning must be forged to establish trust and understanding between the providers in the Kratom industry who have an actual financial stake in the its future so a pathway forward with the government can be perused by both logical and business minded individuals.
The KUA is looking for your support. Below is an open online signature of commitment to the cause of participating in this association we hope you all will so to show your resolved in making the association a realit. There are also links to a crowd-funding campaign for those who can help offset the financial obligations of undertaking a task of this magnitude.
In the upcoming weeks, as the KUA continues to develop, we look forward to reaching out all of you in the Kratom industry in hopes to achieve this long-sought mutual goal.

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