Stop Bear Baiting in Pakistan Now!

To Whom It May Concern:

We are deeply disturbed and angered by the prevalence of "bear baiting" in this country. As you may know, bear baiting involves tying a declawed and detoothed bear to a pole while dogs take turns ripping into its flesh and an audience cheers on. The bear is completely helpless and oftentimes dies slowly and horribly. This type of blood sport is beyond cruel; a large and beautiful animal like a bear should not tortured for the violent entertainment of people.

More information from Wikipedia:

"Bear baiting has been occurring in the Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan, since 2004.[6] The events are organized predominantly by local warlords who own the fighting dogs.

During the event the bear will be tethered to a rope 2–5 metres long in the centre of an arena to prevent escape.[7] Bears’ canine teeth are often removed and their claws may be filed down giving them less advantage over the dogs. Each fight lasts around three minutes. If the dogs pull the bear to the ground they are said to win the fight. Bears usually have to undergo several fights during each day’s event."

DISTURBING video of dog attacking bear:

Some animal welfare effort to combat this:

We ask you to crack down on this terrible event and protect this species from such a needless fate. We cannot encourage the slaughter of animals as entertainment. It's criminal, unethical, and irresponsible. Please enact legislation immediately to persecute bear baiters and end the illegal poaching of bears.

Thank you.


United Front of Friends of Animals 

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