get kennel club and crufts shut down

    kennel club is an organisation that primarily does dog shows and teaches / anchorages people to follow there regulations on what a "pedigree" dog is.

    but what is there version of a pedigree dog according to them?
    well it depends but for them it's all based on looks and measurements to there preferred design of a dog, forget there health and diseases that come along with this or the original purpose of the animal they only care for it's looks despite the animals health, encouraging others to follow these desired traits believing these are correct, now let me explain to you what's wrong and what they're encouraging.

    first of all let's talk about there way of judging these dogs and yes.. this goes back to Hitler you may think i'm over reacting but let me explain this. the eugenics movement, bare in mind they've followed this since they first open in the 18'000 but they're allowed to keep to these rules, the idea of a ideal human race, (animal in this case) breading dogs within the same family also known as inbreed to keep the genes they want as well as killing of pups that don't go up to there standards despite them being more healthy and more normal than theirs they'll still kill it illegally. an example of one of these dogs would be the German shepherded, a dog we all know and they're starting to ruin like many more with there wrong opinions such as there dog the "show dog" compared to the working dog (the ones police use) they say there dogs are correct and the police are wrong and bread wrong. the polices dogs are bread for a purpose. now let me prove them wrong by talking about what is wrong wit there version of the German shepherded.

    what they have done to the German shepherded. the slopes backs, causing them bone and leg problems making them walk funny and have bad coordination, walking on there back legs causing damage, this also causes the pelvises to be smaller, making it harder for them to give birth through such a small canal which my dog had problems with and was sent to the vets in the middle of the night because a baby was stuck in the birth canal. having longer fur and an extra 30 pounds making them slower and not as good at attacking. for more do you're own research, the bull terrier and pug are good examples of this.

    please help shut them down or change there agenda for their animals more based on there job than appearance.
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